Landscaping: Decorating your Garden the Easy Way

Landscaping is a great way to enjoy your garden for many years, and it’s fairly easy to do. Smaller gardens can be landscaped quickly with outdoor living furniture, plants and flowers. But for larger gardens there are so many more ways that you can improve your gardening skills and produce something fantastic.

A good landscape design can transform your garden from a large and unnecessary expanse of lawn, into an extension of yourself where you will find deep relaxation in the tranquility of nature. It will make you feel less rushed and a lot more satisfied with what you’ve created.

To begin planning your new garden and Landscaping Yorkville ideas, look around your garden to determine what areas need a serious overhaul. Are they in need of restyling? Or perhaps you need to bring the whole thing up to date? If you want additional light, consider adding trees or planting some of these amazing perennial plants: Azalea, Forsythia, Goldenrain Tree, Japanese Maple, Lilac or Mulberry. You can even decorate these areas by creating a “secret garden” for children with the brightly coloured ‘Flowering curcubits’ such as Parli flower.

Putting it all in writing really makes it easier to follow through with the project. If you make a plan you can stick to it and it will save you time. A good layout will help guide you through assembly, planting, and maintenance without getting lost along the way.

Before thinking about what your garden design is going to look like, set your budget first. No matter how good your design is would not be worth anything if it takes years to complete and you never had the money set aside for it in the first place. You could start by buying just a few plants from a discount nursery for less than $20 each, or consider purchasing an inexpensive patio table and some garden chairs that would fit into any space within your budget.

Planning your garden design is a good idea when you want to make the most of your garden. You can easily plan a design that will give you everything you want from your garden in as little time as possible, and for less money. Decide how much time you would like to spend building the new area of your garden and then work backwards from there.

Determine first what size the garden will be, then look at the yard and set limits on each side which are suitable for landscaping such as a wooden fence if this is what you desire, or a new lawn if this is not the case.

The first thing you need to think about with your garden is what will become the design. Will you be planting, or using mulch? Or perhaps a combination of both? Such as a new lawn and woodchip? Or one of many other options like gravel for your patio or a new driveway.

Decide which plants will best fit within your garden’s design, and what you want to plant in them. To do this we recommend collecting some photographs of plants in the area which would suit your needs as well as using Google Earth to view satellite views to plan where your garden could be placed.

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