Laundry room in the apartment – practical life hacks

Agree, having a special room at home for washing, drying and ironing things is convenient and practical. And doing household chores in it will be incomparably more pleasant. Is it possible to find a place for a laundry room in a small apartment? And what needs to be taken into account so that everything in it was thought out to the smallest detail?

Even in a small apartment, you can find a place for a laundry room – the minimum area of this room is 2.2 square meters

1. Find a place for the laundry

-In the bathroom.  

A good option  to organise a place for washing and drying clothes. Of course, if the size of the bathroom allows (by the way, it is possible to attach a part of the hallway to the area of the bathroom).

-On the kitchen. 

Neatly hiding the washing and drying units behind the facades of the headset is an outlet for those whose apartment boasts a spacious kitchen.

-On the balcony. 

Part of the functions of a home laundry – drying, ironing and storing household chemicals – is quite realistic to transfer to a warmed balcony or loggia.

-In the hallway or dressing room.

It is illegal to place a washing machine in a residential area. But if you have enough space in the hallway, or have a dressing room, this can be a great place to organise a mini-laundry.

However, the owners of a spacious hallway do not even need to arrange redevelopment: a mini-laundry may be located not far from the entrance or, on the contrary, in the far secluded corner of the corridor. Do not forget to provide for waterproofing the floor in the room and agree on the transfer of the wet zone.

-In the closet

For those who are confused by the placement of the laundry area in plain sight in the hallway, there is an option to hide the utility corner behind the cabinet doors.

-As part of a storage system

There is also a compromise option that allows you to partially hide the laundry area in the hallway, while maintaining quick direct access to the washer and dryer – household appliances built into the storage system. It looks very aesthetically pleasing, while no doors need to be opened to access the units.

-Under the stairs

The loft style fashion has made loft beds very popular, and the organisation of a semi-storey bedroom in small sizes is becoming an increasingly common solution. Does your small apartment also have a staircase leading to the second floor or mezzanine? Use the space underneath to your advantage: place your home laundry there.

Please note: regardless of where you decide to organise a home mini-laundry, it is important to provide good ventilation in the selected room, waterproof the floor, and also treat the walls (if they are not tiled) before painting or pasting wallpaper with a special primer that prevents the appearance of fungus.

2. Choose a washing machine

Undoubtedly, the main unit of a home laundry is a washing machine. When choosing, you should pay attention to the maximum efficiency of water and energy consumption. High-quality modern technology is distinguished by a wide range of functions and almost silent operation – do you want to sleep peacefully at night? 

Think about the ecology and economy too. If you already have a machine that needs a little repair, don’t hurry to throw it away. Need a good quality bosch spare parts that will bring it to life again? Give it a chance!

3. Think over the equipment

Consider your desires and possibilities and decide what you are going to put in your laundry, in addition to the washing machine. Will it be possible to install a dryer? Is there room for an ironing board and iron? Do you need rails, hooks, rods?

4. Organise the sorting of laundry

Baskets, shelves, containers for sorting dirty clothes will make washing easier and save time.

5. Organise household chemicals

Powders, stain removers, rinses and other wonders of the modern household industry need to be stored somewhere. Choose the best and most convenient option, get stylish baskets or boxes, organise everything you need to care for your clothes.

6. Engage every corner

In a small apartment, every centimetre counts. Mini laundry is no exception. Use wall space, look for corner shelves, consider door storage options.

7. Lighting.

If there are no windows in the laundry, or washing is carried out most often at night, you need to take care of the backlight for comfortable washing and ironing. Usually the laundry room is small, so one small chandelier or lamp will suffice.

8. Hide the excess

Dirty laundry and washing machines are not the most attractive part of the interior. If you can’t find a corner for your home laundry, hide this area behind a screen or curtain. Or choose stylish sorting baskets and home appliances that blend in with your decor.


Despite the fact that the laundry room is mainly for household purposes, you should not forget about the aesthetic component. After all, here you will spend a significant part of your time: sorting dirty clothes, soaking, loading them into the dryer, ironing clean linen, folding, etc. And probably, these everyday chores will be more pleasant for you if the interior of the home laundry will please you.

Ron Wolf is a hobby designer and a DIY enthusiast, and, above all, a very blessed father of two. Besides that, he has a strong passion for writing. He is a featured blogger at various blogs and magazines in which he shared his research and experience with the vast online community. If he is not working he enjoys being outside with his family. Hiking, bike riding, and BBQing are always a thing for him. In the evening, he likes to watch documentaries or build something with kids in their lego corner.

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