Learn Why To Choose A Quartz Granite Sink For A Kitchen Upgrade

When in the market for a sink for your home, consider a quartz granite sink. This is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom for offering exceptional durability and neutrality. A composite granite sink is less pricey and is made with acrylic resin to get the look and feel of natural stone. The composition of 80 percent quartz and 20 percent high-grade resin makes this sink stronger than natural granite. Here are features of quartz granite sinks that make them the ideal choice in your home.


Exceptional heat resistance

A quartz granite sink in your kitchen withstands temperatures above 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This sink has exceptional durability, stain resistance, scratching, and impact when working. All these features make quartz granite sink a valuable and affordable choice. Installing this sink will give you less worry about maintenance or worry about it. This makes a quartz granite sink ideal for regular use regardless of your kitchen environment. You can use this sink in a busy commercial kitchen or large home for regular chores without worry about damage. 

Non-porous surface

The 80/20 percent combination of resin and quartz makes this sink get a non-porous surface. A sink with natural stone is likely to have tiny holes on the surface. This absorbs liquids making it prone to stains that are challenging to remove. Maintaining cleanliness of this sink requires use of harsh cleaners. A quartz granite sink has a smooth surface whose maintenance requires simple wiping using a warm soapy cloth to keep it sparkling. This sink is less likely to get odors or stains when exposed to food particles on the surface. A quartz granite sink is a worthy investment in the kitchen for its constancy.


Easy on the pocket

A quality quartz granite sink price is just about the same as that of a stainless steel model. This depends on the shape, size, and number of basins. And, quartz granite sinks come in various modern designs and shapes to match your kitchen requirements. This cost-effectiveness makes quartz granite sink a great option to consider when looking forward to a kitchen upgrade without draining your wallet. Additionally, granite sinks come in various colors to create a striking kitchen style without sacrificing aesthetics. This gives your property a more perceived value.

Retains color

Quartz is loved for its exceptional color retaining. This material comes in a range of colors to allow you to make a selection matching your kitchen color scheme. The best thing about quartz granite sinks is the endless color option and versatility to match every situation. This sink will match your pots and pans regardless of your sink rattling frequency. You won’t have to worry about porcelain sealing scratching, chipping, or indentations like other sink surfaces.

Quieter use

A quartz granite sink comes with natural soundproofing during the manufacturing process. This benefit extends to your kitchen when handling your tasks. You are less likely to get noise that disturbs other home occupants or wake up the baby while doing the dishes. Appropriate installation of a quartz granite sink lessens the impact of items that might produce sound near the faucet including when using the garbage disposal. Upgrading from a stainless steel sink to a quartz granite model offers significant noise reduction.

Patterning options

Quartz granite sinks have a visually appealing color and pattern options. When coarsely grounded, quartz appears coarse to give the sink a flecked appearance. A reputable manufacturer might match the look of the sink with stainless steel, marble, or cement. Finely, ground quartz offers sinks with a solid color with exceptional smoothness with appealing patterning.


Various installation options

During installation, a quartz granite sink supports mounting on top or under the countertop. Additionally, these sinks have different options for basin depth, bowl configuration, and width. You can choose a sink bowl to match your kitchen space, budget, and requirement. It is easy to find this sink in your favorite color and configuration to match your space. 

Regardless of whether you need a prep sink in a commercial establishment or one for your bar, there is a quartz granite sink for you. These are available in various sizes and designs to match your space. For a commercial space or large family that requires regular cleaning of utensils, a granite sink is an ideal choice. You can invest in a double or single bowl granite sink with enough space for extra versatility in your kitchen.


In a nutshell

A sink is a handy accessory in a kitchen or bathroom. The ideal sink is affordable, easier to clean, and can match the décor in your space. Sinks are made from various materials but a quartz granite sink comes with exceptional features. These include affordability, a non-porous surface, ability to retain color, and a non-porous surface that resist stains to make cleaning easier. Using this sink is quieter while you can mount the sink under or on top of the countertop.

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