Light Up Your Living Room the Right Way

Your living room is the most used room in the house. It’s a place where friends and family gather for special occasions, a place where you relax, a place where you cozy up to read a book on a rainy night, and a place to just relax and watch a little TV with a little comfort food.


Lezzeno 3 Light Chandelier by Uttermost

It can be a challenge to design a lighting scheme for a room with so many different functions. The room can be sectioned off to create a comfortable reading area, meaning you will likely need a reading lamp, an accent light placed on your shelf to showcase the family photos works nice, and hanging a chandelier serving as a focal point for your main gathering area. Confused a little? Don’t fret. The following tips will guide you through how you can light up a living room that you will love!.

Here’s 4 Easy Steps Showing You How to Light up a Living Room

Step 1: What are your goals?

The  lighting you choose to use in your living room should depend on a few important factors whic should be considered before you even start the planning design process:

1.     How much natural light enters the room during the day?

2.     What are the purposes of the room?

3.    Are you interested in designing an energy efficient design?

4.    How much square footage do I have in my living room?

5.     Do I want adjustable lighting or do I just want luxury?

6.     Do I have archtecture, sculptures, art-work or architecture I want to showcase?    

7.     What’s type of design is the rest of my home?

Step 2: Where to place your general lighting.


General light fixtures will provide the proper lighting you need for your living room. Also, the light eminating from these fixtures will also set the mood. Many fixtures will also feature dimmer switches, that way you can periodically adjust the level of mood lighting depending on the use of the room.


To get the best benefit from your general lighting, you should install ample light fixtures overhead. Even your floor lamps and wall sconces should be properly positioned higher than eye level, that way they will be out of the way, and you’ll easily be able to get around them.


Most of your general lighting for the living room should come from your ceiling lights. Beautiful chandeliers and oversized pendants can fit the bill. Although floor lamps and wall sconces can also provide great ambient lighting in a larger living room.

Step 3: Establish  what your task-lighting needs are.


Be cognizant of glare which is the biggest reason it is so important to correctly positioning your task lighting. You need to be sure there is no light glaring directly on to the TV screen for example. Place your task lighting exactly where you need it most: beside  a cozy couch or sitting on a desk in the corner. Choose the areas you’ll be performing any “task” iwithn your living room.  


When you determine all the different ways in which you will use your living room, you should identify the specific areas that need the task lighting. If you are a reader, writer or just want to look at family pictures, task lighting will provide you with the direct lighting you want at any moment.


The best light fixtures for task lighting purposes will cast light directly down. Such as floor lamps, pendant lights and desk lamps. Your task lighting should be adjustable or, at least, portable. Also: Be aware of any floor lamp or table lamp that do not have a shade due to the glare.

Step 4: Where to add proper accent lighting.


Be aware that even proper general lighting won’t do it all. It will provide most of the lighting your living room needs, but you’ll need to fill in the necessary areas with smaller – and, more inconspicuous – fixtures. That’s where your accent lighting will give your design the finishing touches.

Accent lighting is ultimately the best way to create a focal point for a particular  room. Whether it’s a family gallery wall, wall art for display or a textured brick wall, use can these directional light fixtures to shine a light on the things you love.


There are many light fixtures that can serve as accent lighting. Just one type of accent light fixture may get the job done, or maybe you’ll want a diverse combination. Such as:

  • Table lamps
  • Wall sconces
  • Track lighting
  • Hidden fixtures
  • Recessed lights 


Think about your living room. Where there are darker areas or attractive features you would like to highlight, there are always various opportunities for nicely done accent lighting.

Lighting Inspiration for Your Living Room 

General lighting is a very important decision for you to make when deciding how and where to light up your living room. You have various options when it comes to your interior design style – from artful art deco to elegant traditional lighting we can help you with your selection, we’ve put together a nice collection of 10 ceiling lights to inspire you.

Broken down by design style:


Affinito Crystal Chandelier

Affinito Crystal Chandelier

Looking for a some glam? This Stunning Empire Style Crystal Chandelier On An Antiqued Gilded Hand-Wrought Iron Frame is made in Italy. This chandelier provides exactly what you want.


Marlow 12 Light Circle Chandelier by Uttermost

Marlow 12 Light Circle Chandelier by Uttermost

A Rustic Industrial Style Metal Chandelier Features a Combination Of Dark Antique Bronze & Weathered Bronze Finishes & Leather Straps. Though a versatile design, its roots are an industrial fixture. It comes in a rustic finish that looks like it could have been pulled from a factory floor. The exposed bulbs are arranged to send light in every direction throughout your living room.


Enhances our lives with beautiful lightingchandeliers, and wall sconces in styles that go with all tastes. Whether your style is Old World, Contemporary, Traditional, or something in between, Elk provides style, innovation, and decorative excellence  along with dependability and durability.


A chandelier is the centerpiece of any room especially the living room. Chandeliers can even increase the value of your home. Making a choice of one of these beautiful lighting fixtures should be well thought out. Today, chandeliers come in many styles and materials.  

Mid-Century Modern

Eye Catching!   Features A Turn Of The Century Inspired Cage Design In Oil Rubbed Bronze. 


Yardley 6 Light Bronze Chandelier by Elk Lighting

products-orbit-chandelier__38540.1491936196.1280.1280Orbit Brass Pendant by Wildwood Lamps 

Ultra Modern!   Six Light Orbit Pendant With A Beautiful Antiqued Brass Finish.

Orbit Brass Pendant by Wildwood Lamps

The Orbit Brass Pendant is ideal for vaulted ceilings. Its six light design will fill your headspace, while providing bright illumination that won’t disappoint. Not to mention, the mix of quality materials and geometric intrigue makes this an gorgeous sculpture in your clean, mid-century modern home.


Contemporary / Modern

Rondure 1 Light Sphere Pendant Lamp

Contemporary Style!   This Pendant Features A Dark, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish on Outer Sphere and French Gold Finish on Inner Sphere, With Antiqued Brass Hardware. 


Rondure 1 Light Sphere Pendant Lamp

Pontoise 3 Light Drum Pendant by Uttermost

Is it rustic? Modern? Is it contemporary? Is it Industrial? Metal Pendant with Aged Screen Shade With intentional Indentations and Uneven Texture. Antiqued Ivory Finish with With Dark Brown Undertones. The Caged pendant is all of the above. Plus, it pairs well with other contemporary fixtures, which you may need to round out your living room lighting. Cool and contemporary, it softens the light to create a warm, cozy glow.

Pontoise 3 Light Drum Pendant by Uttermost

Riccio Chandelier

Striking!  Riccio Venetian Glass Chandelier, Featuring A Starburst Style With Venetian Glass & Chrome Details. Made in Italy, this gorgeous peice of art has 121 Individual Pieces Of Black & Clear Venetian Glass.  

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger living room with higher ceilings and , you’re lucky enough to enjoy this stunning Venetian Glass Chandelier, your gatherings will be in amazing style! 

Riccio Chandelier

Always Live in a Style filled Well-Lit Room

Your living room serves alot of purposes and wears many hats and has the a way of bringing people together.Make sure you are getting the most out of it, give it the lighting design it deserves. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to create that inviting space that you will live in and enjoy for many years to come.


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