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Your bedroom is the one place in the house where it’s all about you.  The bedroom is the most personal room in the house.  Be it Traditional, Country, Contemporary or Cottage in style you want it to reflect your personality and your tastes  – dramatic, romantic, modern, or eclectic.  Lighting helps set the mood and even transforms your special place into a world all your own.  Read on for some great lighting ideas for bedroom that will inspire and…well…enlighten!

bedroom-lighting-whiteTable Lamps

Table lamps are quite versatile as  they work well for both general and task lighting.

If your bedroom is neutral in color you might want to choose a lamp that will provide a pop of color like a bright blue, red, or yellow.

Or, stay within the same color range (see photo at right) to maintain a more calm setting.

When using table lamps consider using matching lamps for a more formal or Traditional look or mismatching lamps for a more causal, eclectic look.

Determining the Right Size Table Lamp

When looking for a bedside or dresser  lamp, it’s important to know the depth of the table:  the lampshade should be narrower that the table so that it  does not hang over the table.

Bedside lamps generally run from around 24’’ to about 34’’ tall (top of finial).  Suitable lamp shades may range anywhere from 12’’ to 22’’ wide.

Many bedside tables and dressers are only 16″ deep. In this case, you would need a shade that is 16″ or less in depth.  Rectangular and oval shades work well for narrow tables such as these.

Bedside lamps should be positioned so that the bottom of the shade is around 20 inches above the mattress.  This is the perfect height to illuminate the pages of a book when you are reading and not create annoying glare.

Interior designers are taught whatever the height of the end table, chest, dresser, etc. that you place your lamp on; their combined height should be from 58 to 64 inches tall.  While this is not written in stone, it is a good rule of thumb.

swing-arm-sconce-lighting-21Wall Sconces

If you want to free up space on your bedside table for things other than a table lamp, consider using wall sconces.

Shown in photo at right, this Contemporary bedroom uses two adjustable-arm wall sconces which could be used for reading – or as accent lighting depending how the lights were positioned.

Use a  pair of wall sconces with uplights to frame a bed with a wash of light.  Or, place a wall sconce on each side of the mirror above a dresser

bedrom-table-floor-lampsFloor Lamps

Floor lamps are great for reading  so they are ideal for a bedside lamp or a sitting area.

In photo at left, two “floor-table lamps” on each side of the bed have been used.  The glass table surface is part of the floor lamp.

Also, if you don’t have the space on a dresser, set a floor lamp next to the dresser.

Another idea is to cluster together a floor lamp with some smaller bedside tables on one or both sides of the bed..

pendant-bedroomPendant Lamps

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and have either single or multiple globes.

Many of the pendants today are energy efficient, low voltage models that use fluorescent or halogen bulbs.

Another light source such as recessed lighting for ambient lighting may be necessary if the pendants do not provide enough illumination.

recessed-eyeball-lightingRecessed Lighting

Recessed lighting works well as accent or general lighting in the bedroom – and dimmers allow for various moods to be created.

For reading or task lighting, your will need some other type of lighting – such as a table lamp, floor lamp, or wall sconce.

The bedroom at the left uses two types of recessed lighting.  The lighting for the wall art uses eyeball type fixture – and it provides accent lighting.

The eyeball is operable so the light direction can be changed.  The other recessed fixtures are fixed and provide general lightning.

recessed-eyeball-lightingCable or Track Lighting

Track and cable lighting are similar in that they both are connected to a linear device that delivers both the electrical current and a structure for the bulbs to physically attach.

Track light may be  affixed to the ceiling or suspended.  Cable lighting is suspended and the cable provides a low voltage current.

These type of fixtures give a high tech look  to a space.  The photo at right shows a Traditional style decor using cable lighting to accent the feature wall and to provide general lighting.


Chandeliers are not only found in the dining room and foyer, they are now frequently found in the bedroom.  A chandelier provides dramatic ambient light.

Chandeliers are no longer the huge crystal affairs our grandmothers had; on the contrary, the chandeliers of today are available in any style and are a real mood maker.

Choose something understated or have your own bedroom with beads and flamboyance. They are available in all sizes.  Match or contrast with table lamps or some other form of lighting for the bed side.

cove-lighting-bedrom-Cove Lighting

Cove lighting places fluorescent tubes or some other type of linear lighting fixture behind a cove or recessed surface so that the light source remains hidden – and a continuous wash of light is created.

Cove lighting is an architectural feature and is something that needs to be planned for in the initial design or renovation phase.

Cove lighting is usually dimmable – so it is easy to create a variety of moods. And, colored lenses are sometimes used to create a dramatic wash of color.


Dimmers are an important part of your lighting plan.  These handy devices can turn any light into instant ambiance.

You can adjust your lighting for reading, watching television or turn it down for a soft romantic glow. They also provide kinder lighting for early mornings when your eyes need time adjust to light.

Use these lighting ideas for bedrooms to create the perfect environment for relaxing, rejuvenating, and unwinding at the end of the day and provide much needed illumination.

Photo Source:  HOUZZ

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