Living room curtains trending ideas

Are living room Curtains Outdated?


Blinds and curtains never go out of fashion. They look beautiful and help to change the look of your drawing room as well without making any significant changes. The drawing-room curtains are structured and well designed, they help to protect the privacy, block noise and light, and add beauty to your drawing-room. The drawing-room curtains also provide insulation & balance the temperature. As far as, the curtains’ styles are concerned the classic pleated curtains & eyelets curtains are trending in 2020 due to their functionality and easy maintenance. The oversized & over layered curtains are outdated. 

Why are living room curtains used?

Living room curtains perform several functions. The lined and heavier (velvet, chenille, & blackout) curtains to block the light from entering your place & make your drawing room look dark and dense. The curtains also reduce heat loss, save energy, & reduce electricity bills up to 25%. The curtains make your drawing room warm on chilly days. Along with these features, they add beauty to your drawing room and enhance the interior. Curtains fit well into oversized windows and sliding glass doors. 

What are the Best trending ideas for living room curtains?

Styling and designing mean a lot to curtains. Living room curtains need to style up in the right way because of it, a place where all your guests sit. Best living room curtains block light, noise, dust, debris mists, & provide privacy. They keep the drawing-room cold or warm according to weather’ demand.

So, if your drawing room needs an upgrade or you are moved to a new place & want to design your drawing-room. Here is a list of trending ideas or 2020; all the ideas are inexpensive & stylish.

 Living Room curtains’ types:

Living room curtains are tough to choose when you have a wide range of selection. You need to consider your interior, window length, width, & designs. Few trending types of living curtains are given below that will you in upgrading your drawing room:


Sheer curtains: Sheer curtains are made of thin fabric material and are always in lighter & neutral shades. They are transparent and transmit all the light by making the inner of the place look brighter. These curtains are not suitable for privacy concerns but are ideal if you want the sunshine to brighten up your drawing-room. For privacy concerns, you can add blinds and layer up the sheer curtains.

Blackout Curtains: Blackout curtains are best to stop light, reduce noise and save energy. These curtains are best to provide privacy because they offer a complete blackout and make your place appear darker and hide everything. 

Top Treatment living room Curtains: in this type of curtains, the curtains have an empty or net border at the top side along the window width to create a fancy look. It can be filled by pairing up the curtains with other blinds to control the light and to provide privacy.

In 2020, there is a trend of the lesser, the better. So, keep the layers, colors and patterns minimum to meet the requirements of trends. It not only applies to the curtains but the interior of a place as well. This year is trending for simple, non-bordered, natural and solid-colored drawing-room curtains. Do not create any intricate designs as well. Roman, French, Japanese, & Scandinavian curtains are at the height of fashion because they create a romantic and optimistic look. You can go for any of these curtains to create a designer look and run the fashion race. If you are looking to find online living room curtains supplier then visit here.

The hardware material for curtains in 2020 has a wide range. You can go for massive fabric materials, light fabric materials, or weightless fabric materials. Anything that goes well with your interior, hust remember the principle of the minimal, the better to create elegance, luxury, & originality. Nowadays, 3D curtains are very popular, they come in many bright colors and look appealing and eye-catching. The 3d designs vary greatly, go for the right one and the once which is in trend. The light and bright color’ blend is also trending because such curtains are easy to maintain and handle & their colors do not fade away quickly.


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