Living Room Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Are you getting tired of looking at the same old decor in your living room day-after-day? If so, you should consider doing a little bit of redecorating to change the look and feel. Contrary to what many people believe, redecorating your living room doesn’t have to break the bank. With just a little bit of money and some free time on your hands, you can transform the decor into something completely new and original; Here are  a few living room decorating ideas on a budget.

Hang Pictures or Wall Mirrors on Empty Walls


If there are empty walls in your living room, you aren’t using the space to its full advantage. Even if your walls are painted in bright, vibrant or otherwise attractive colors, you still need to fill the empty spaces on the walls. The problem in doing so is that most people don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on elaborate paintings, so what are you supposed to use?

A less expensive approach would be to create a collage of framed pictures and hang them on the large open spaces in your living room. Practically everyone has some picture frames laying around the house that aren’t being used; and if you don’t, you can pick some up from the dollar store for a buck a piece.

Put some photos of your family, spouse, children, vacation destinations or anything else you want and hang them in clusters on open walls in your living room. This is a cheap and easy way to fill the space with meaningful, decorative items.  Most any room will benefit from a Wall Mirror.


Change Your Table Lamps

Table Lamps are available in a side wide range of prices.  Quality lamps will generally start around  $200.  Make sure when selecting a table lamp that the width of the lampshade is narrower than the depth of the table on which it sets. Otherwise, the lamp will be too large for the table.


This is usually a concern for bedside lamps, dresser lamps, and buffet lamps – where the table depth is narrow.  To check the height, place an existing lamp in you home on the table where you want to place the new lamp.  If needed, place books under the lamp to determine the height you want.

Add a Few Houseplants or Flowers

Houseplants are more useful than most people realize. Not only do they create a naturally unique and beautiful look, but they are also beneficial to the air quality. You see, plants are nature’s own air filter. When toxic-filled air hits the leaves of a plant, it absorbs them and emits clean oxygen; therefore, filtering out air pollutants for you and your family.


However, the real benefit of houseplants comes from their natural beauty and style they add to the decor. You can pick up a couple indoor houseplants and strategically place them in areas of your living room that need a little help.

Change the Curtains

Most homeowners rarely change their curtains or window treatments once they go up. While there’s nothing wrong with using the same ones for several years, you should consider changing them if you’re looking to redecorate your living room.


Photo Source: HOUZZ

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