Luxury decor tips for Louisiana homes

Luxury. Although the very first words that come to mind are typically aesthetics and overindulgence, it is a concept that can be difficult to pinpoint due to its vagueness stemming from different personal tastes. Yet, experts in the field of interior design generally choose to define it primarily as a certain lifestyle, a feeling articulated through a design that incorporates comfort, quality, elegance, and careful consideration of detail. The upsides of luxury? A refined interior scheme can be achieved through a massive array of styles, even on a limited budget. Here are some luxury décor tips for Louisiana homes.

The eye of the beholder 

There are lots of luxury style home décor examples to illustrate just how flexible this term is. For example, classical luxury presents the neo-classical elegance adopted from the Greek and Roman architecture emulated with a modern twist, and is standing right next to Victorian, Baroque, and Rococo luxurious home design mostly characterized by grandeur and opulence representative of the aristocracy. On the other hand, we have modern luxury that utilizes more clean lines, a neutral color palette, spaciousness, natural light, minimalism, and a chic and sophisticated kind of austerity. If your style is eclectic, you can opt for the ‘hybrid’ style, a present-day innovation in which interior designers combine two contrasting styles of sleek and traditional. 

There’s no single definition of luxury. It all depends on personal taste and how it is executed.

Needs, desires, and preferences vary from one person to the next, which is why it is impossible to pin down one universal definition of it. Luxury is defined individually; it does not follow a strict pattern, era, or trend. But although you might have a different idea of luxury from the next person, it’s how you incorporate your favorite color palettes, forms, and textures into the space that matters. The bottom line is that transforming your home’s interior is a journey, a process of trial and error, and experimentation where you include your favorite details and use your creativity to combine them into one sophisticated and functional abode.

Universalities and high-end embellishments 

Despite all of this, some elements are prevalent in most contemporary interior design schemes because they are generally considered timeless and sophisticated. Our luxury décor tips for Louisiana homes start with the fundamentals of any décor, but continue with implementing some statement pieces, focal points, and exciting ideas that would complete the look.


As for the color palette, neutrals will always remain a to-go option, whether in upscale homes or not. Going with the symphonies of white cream, beige, white, clay, and earth colors is guaranteed to keep your home looking classy, crisp, and clean. Although not very conventional, black walls can often spell luxury if broken up with some appropriate shades, accents, and lighting. To make the neutral walls more visually appealing, you can add some texture, tone, and a touch of elegance by utilizing wood, metal, and marble. These palettes will keep things simple, clean, and stylish, but still provide that genuinely transformative aspect to the space.

One can never go wrong with neutrals.

For some additional upscale embellishment for your walls, you can opt for stone veneer panels that will add some beautiful texture, dimension, and vitality to the room. Some other options that could help you achieve a rich, stylish look are leather wall panels, custom carved wood panels, mahogany or cherry wood paneling, etc. Another great idea that many upscale and modern homes implement is taking one portion of the wall and making it the focal point of a room. But, instead of just focusing strictly on what color you want your accent wall to be, think of material and texture. You might even consider going all out with a quartzite or metallic wall that reaches high up to the rafters. For an added wow effect, light them up with floor lights. 


Next, hardwood floors will look gorgeous, whatever type of decorating style you opt for. Among the top-quality wood choices are Cherry, Hickory, Birch, Walnut, Acacia, and Maple. Moreover, parquet floors are used as a decorative effect in luxury homes. If you wish to further add to the luxury, you can include floor medallions or stone inlays. Other luxurious flooring options include stone tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, leather floor or stone tiles, etc.


Installing decorative ceiling tiles will add form and texture to your Louisiana home. People usually opt for materials like Styrofoam, tin, steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, etc., that can be designed to look like leather, metal, wood, or plaster. You can also include some embellishments like ceiling medallions or opt for some decorative molding. 


As far as our upscale decor tips for Louisiana houses are concerned, lighting will be one of the most crucial attributes of your décor, and what you want are layers of it. 

  • Start by creating that dramatic accent point in larger rooms like the dining and living areas (and even the bedrooms) with some oversized, modern, and eye-catching chandeliers or hanging pendants. 
  • Next, remember how we talked about lighting up that statement wall and accentuating its beautiful texture? Well, if that idea appeals to you, consider some perimeter lighting. You can also try some modern wall sconces if you want to highlight some other architectural detail, wall art, or wall décor.
  • Thirdly, include decorative floor lamps, table lamps, bedside lamps, etc.
  • Lastly, let in a lot of natural light to open up the space.

A statement light fixture can make any room more unique and luxurious.


Always choose larger, even oversized furniture pieces because smaller ones will only look like clutter in large spaces. Also, make sure they are of high quality, so you know they are durable, whatever your home’s style is. Include leather, silk, and velvet materials, and lacquered mahogany, ebony, and mango finish for a rich look. 

We all know to what extent the quality matters. You need to be sure that your furniture will not only stand strong against everyday wear and tear but that its top-notch quality will provide extra protection in case of transfer. For additional safety, moving companies like Zippy Shell Louisiana regularly update their blogs with content about transport and protecting your furniture in the best possible way. 

Now, to add an interesting factor to your luxury Louisiana abode, decorating tips to consider again include some focal points (for example, think mid-century modern living room table that would look amazing in metallic, or a small unique side table) and comfort (linear sofa with low back design at the center of the space, and a floor lamp right next to it to create a comfy reading nook). If you’re a passionate reader, and the piles of books you have need accommodation, consider two tall bookshelves on each side of your chimney breast that extend up to the top of your high-ceilinged room. 


Our last piece of advice on decorating ideas for luxury Louisiana residences is to accessorize. Spare no expense when dressing up your walls, floors, windows, and furniture in various kinds of masterpieces and stylish conversation items. There are lots of options that can bring life and style into your living space. For example, you can refresh the neutral color palette or a room with a high-quality Persian or Oriental area rug, and grace your luxury home’s walls with some wall art pieces, like oil paintings, wall sculptures, or ornate framed mirrors for added shine and decadence.

No home décor is complete without some form of wall art.

Homeowners that are art enthusiasts sometimes tend to go a bit overboard with paintings and other accessories. They like to collect the pieces and frequently change their interior décor, so their abode never becomes dull. If you recognize yourself in this, consider a kind of storage that is close to your home, or even storage brought to you. The latter enables you to walk out of your home and right into your private collection of art pieces.

Final word

That concludes our list of luxury decor tips for Louisiana homes. The point is to reflect upon the various styling options and trends throughout the history of interior design, find what you like, and dig up some inspiration. Then, get your creative juices flowing and create a comfortable, stylish home that is both functional and suits your lifestyle and personal taste. Best of luck!

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