6 Bold Styling Ideas to Make Your Master Bedroom Irresistible

Our bedrooms are sanctuaries – they provide us with comfort and serve as a getaway from the outside world. That’s why it’s important to decorate them in a way that speaks to us and that emphasizes our personal taste and style. Whether you’re considering a complete bedroom remodel or just looking for some styling tips, check out these six bold styling ideas to make your master bedroom irresistible.

Go with a dark and moody color scheme


Dark, moody colors are a great way to add some drama to your bedroom and make it elegant and chic. These colors create a mysterious vibe, and even though they might seem overwhelming at first, they have a surprisingly soothing, calming effect. Dark color schemes will add depth to your bedroom and infuse it with an air of sophistication. Whether you opt for mossy greens, moody blues or deep purples, any of these bold hues is sure to elevate the look of your bedroom and make it irresistible. If you intend to try this trend yourself, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough lighting in your bedroom, both natural and artificial, in order to provide it with enough brightness during the day. Which leads us to our next styling idea…

Introduce three layers of lighting for the perfect atmosphere


When it comes to the lighting concept for your bedroom, it’s best to layer your lights. The first lighting layer you need in your bedroom is the ambient light, which is introduced by adding a chandelier, recessed lighting or pendant lights. The second layer is task lighting – this layer is useful for workspaces and you can implement it in your bedroom by adding table lamps and floor lamps. The third layer is accent lighting, which is used to accentuate a certain object or an artwork, making it look more prominent. Implementing all three layers in your bedroom will create a perfect atmosphere and give it a luxurious, sophisticated vibe.

Add a headboard to make your bed look chic


There is something about headboards that makes a bedroom instantly look glamorous and chic. They often act as a focal point of the room, anchoring the bed and adding visual interest to the bedroom. Adding a headboard to your bed is also a great way to introduce some color into your room without it taking up too much space. A stylish headboard will elevate the look of any room, regardless of the style, shape and size. If your bed didn’t come with a headboard, you can easily get a DIY custom-designed headboard and attach it to the frame of your bed.

Make your nightstand practical but fancy


Styling your nightstand is an art form. You must not overload it with items or leave it bare and sad. This area of the bedroom often goes overdone which creates a cluttered look of the entire space. Luckily, you can easily get away with keeping a few necessities on your nightstand, and if they fit into your color scheme, you’ll give your space an instant boost in style. All your nightstand items, a clock, a box for your jewelry, photo frame and other essentials, need to be beautiful enough to spend every night by your side.

Choose a bed that is both comfy and stylish


We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, and getting enough sleep each night is crucial in order to function properly during the day. Therefore, investing in a quality bed is a logical step. You can find comfortable beds for sale online and get a bed that suits your needs, as well as the style of your bedroom. Moreover, the mattress we sleep on also matters. The majority of mattresses have a lifespan of seven to ten years, so consider swapping your old mattress for a new one. As for the bedding, choose the colors that work best with the color scheme of your room. Be sure to introduce some texture into your room by adding throw pillows and blankets, adding visual weight to the room.

Use metallic decor and mirrors to create a luxe vibe


Metallic accessories can glam up any room in a matter of seconds. Their bold, shiny surfaces reflect the light, and implementing them in your master bedroom will make it unique and modern. A great way to make metallics a part of your bedroom is to add the decor in gold and silver hues to your side tables. Accessories like vases, table lamps and picture frames will elevate the look of your bedroom and turn it into a contemporary oasis you can relax in. Mirrors are another handy accessory that can make your bedroom irresistible. They are a powerful decorating tool often used by interior designers to create an illusion of spaciousness and make the room appear wider than it really is. Combine metallics with your mirrors to achieve a luxurious vibe and make your bedroom glamorous and elegant.

Add a cozy rug for a touch of warmth 



Rugs are a great way to connect the room and make it look more cohesive. They often act as a base, tying all the elements together and creating balance. Rugs also add texture and layers to your living space, making it feel warm and inviting. The type of rug you choose for your bedroom largely depends on the style of your room, as well as the dominating shapes in your bedroom. For example, if your room is styled in a minimalistic, contemporary way, chances are, there are a lot of rectangular shapes. To prevent your bedroom from looking boxy, opt for a round rug and add some decor that has subtle lines and curves to soften the otherwise edgy look.

Designing a space where we can relax and enjoy is easy – with these six styling ideas, you’re sure to turn your master bedroom into a cozy oasis you’ll love spending time in!

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