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The way we design the inside of our home is what sets each neighbor apart from the next, especially when you live in a development where every home looks the same from the view of the street. Opening up the front door and peering in to what the homeowner has done with the place is what truly makes a statement.

What Is A Home

It is up to you to create a home you want to live in, your own personal retreat, a home that speaks volumes about what you like and what you don’t like. When someone else walks into your home, they immediately get an idea of who you are just by looking around the room.  You have to live in this home and not only does this speak to others, but it will speak to you.



Do you know what your personal style is? Maybe you have shied away from designing your home because you just don’t know how to put it all together. There are many styles that are unique and the key is to go with whatever you like, piece by piece, until it looks amazing. If you love tropical locations and beach vacations, go with the theme of seashells and bright whites, or corals and palm trees. But if you are unsure of what to do, consider just a few of the most popular interior design styles.


Traditional interior design brings the warmth and elegance of the past into the present.  This style has a long, rich history from which to draw.  The Traditional style of today has its roots in the classical period of ancient Greece and Rome over 2,000 years ago and  actually consists of a broad range of styles that were implemented prior to the Modern Movement of the early 20th century. Learn more about Traditional style here.



Originating as far back as the late 1800’s,  the modernist movement presented furniture and decor exhibiting clean lines,  no applied ornamentation, and often times, modern materials such as steel or chrome   –  features that reflected the functional nature and materials of industrial production.  Neutral tones of black, white, and beige can be lightly accented with colors of the primary wheel (red, blue, yellow). Polished surfaces devoid of gratuitous ornamentation show that less is more. Geometric designs, curves and simple edges, create clean lines and serenity. The stye and beauty of today’s modern lamps and the simplicity of the Abby Round mirror by Cooper Classics is a perfect modern example.  Learn more about the Modern Style here.


Art Deco

This type of design originated in France just before WWI and was popular in the U.S. throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s. Art deco was phased out after WWII ended. It is a rather eclectic style that mixes traditional with bold designed, rich colors, and geometric shapes; mirrored accents, sleek lines, and rounded corners mix with glass and chrome. In its origin it was new, exciting, glamorous, and represented an opulent lifestyle.


Asian design is basically what is describes, being influenced by styles from Japan, China, Vietnam and Thailand. The look is meant to take in the elements of nature to create serenity and peace in the home. Clutter is at a minimum as the openness creates a positive energy flow. Bamboo, rice paper, and rattan are natural elements found in this design. Furniture is lacquered or hand painted, many include oriental designs. Wildwood has a line of Asian inspired lamps that display the colors and creatures of the culture.


Americana Country

Country design is rustic and can vary by region. Country looks are homey and comfortable and look lived-in. Some styles incorporate a lot of wood and handmade pottery, some use checked or floral vintage designs and hand forged metal on display. Furniture is primitive and colors are muted. Many country-themed designed and pieces are those seen at antique shops and flea markets.


You are the designer and the palate is up to you. Eclectic borrows bits and pieces from a variety of periods and styles. Mix Asian with contemporary, throw in some art deco, and add a vintage old-English piece. The only rule is, it must look like you planed it that way; not thrown together in a rush. Match patterns, textures, or color pallets to make your mark.


Taking pride in a job well done includes the pride you feel after you have chosen each piece, picked out each color, and taken the time to set up your home with love.  It is you who will want to sit and look around your living room, marveling and what you are capable of.

Photo Source: HGTV


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