Multiple Interior Lighting Souces Add Versatility and Ambiance

If you’re moving into a new home or apartment , chances are you will need some form of supplemental lighting. Thankfully, however, there are several different options available from which to choose.

Desk Lamps

One of the most popular ways to illuminate a living room is to strategically place a couple table lamps on the end tables alongside a couch. If your furniture is arranged in a L-shape, then you can place two lamps on the sides of the longest couch and another lamp on the end of the smaller couch or loveseat.

*         *            *              *            *    Stylish Desk Lamps

When all three of the lamps are turned on, the living room should be well illuminated. Of course you can always install high-watt bulbs for additional brightness.

Floor Lamps

An alternative method for brightening up a living room is to use a floor lamp. These large, free-standing lamps are a great alternative to table lamps.  they add a vertical element to a room and they free up space on on table for other uses.

*        *          *         *         *    Beautiful and functional Floor Lamps

You can also hook them up to outlets tied to a switch so they will turn on anytime you flip the switch on. This is much easier than having to search for the small “on” button or knob every time you want to turn the living room light on.

Wall Lamps or Sconces

Yet another option available for living room lighting is to install one or more wall lamps.

*          *         *           *        *     * Stunning Wall Lights

These highly stylish and attractive lamps are great for individuals living in small living rooms with little-to-no extra space to spare. Just install them on an open wall that’s not blocked by any large furniture and you’ll instantly have a new source of living room lighting. The only downside to using a wall lamp is that it will require an electrician if you want to hide the cord within the wall.

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