Oriental lamps stand out

The oriental lamps at fine home lamps are made with the utmost care and attention to detail, so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. They are crafted by hand with respect to details of Asian roots, using the finest materials, such as brass or bronze metals and beautiful shades of silk fabric. You will find oriental lamps here in a variety of styles including traditional urn-shaped designs, contemporary round shapes and even some more modern pieces with sleek lines.

Themes of lamps

We bring the beauty of nature to your doorstep, so that you can enjoy these oriental lamps in the comfort of your home. It is a wonderful idea to have these  oriental lamps as a decorative piece that is also functional. Oriental lamps are great for those who love to light up their homes with style, while giving them an added touch of nature.

The base colors of our oriental lamps are inspired by the natural hues of nature. White, brown, blue, green and black are colors that can be found in oriental lamps because they represent tranquility and balance. We have a collection of many pastel colors that can be found in oriental lamps. These colors represent youth and playfulness, as well as romance and love. 

Varieties of lamps

We have a variety of oriental lamp styles that are available to you today! We offer traditional floor oriental lamps with beautiful designs on the glass panels that bring calming light into your home. The height varies as per your requirements. We have desk table lamps, chandeliers made from bamboo and oriental lamps with a low profile. 

The textures on oriental lamps have been created with great detail to create a world class finish: from smooth silk fabrics, delicate bamboo accents or the fine embroidery which decor every corner of your house.

We have an oriental lamp for every room in the house! If you need some help finding your perfect match, please contact our customer service center to get personalized advice from one of our consultants. We are always happy to provide assistance and will be glad to answer any questions that you may have about.

Designs and styles

Belonging to the Asian roots, we customize the traditional styles from the region by adopting the oriental charm to our designs.

We want you to enjoy every oriental lamp and their beauty for a long time so we use only top quality materials in our products such as handcrafted silk, natural bamboo fibers, porcelain, ceramic or metal with copper finishing. We know that oriental lamps are made once but used many times so they have to be perfectly designed.

We use high quality materials that will last for several years: from our sturdy base to the metal fabrics which decorate your room. Our oriental lampshades have been well crafted so you can enjoy them as they come.

The lampshades come with various styles. We have motifs of birds and floral designs, oriental patterns. You can also have the best oriental lamps with a simple design that will enhance your room more than any other lamp would.

The oriental lamps are handmade by our designers who put their talent and passion in them so you can enjoy every moment of these beautiful objects.

Porcelain lamps

Porcelain table lamps have been in demand since many years. The simplicity of these lamps is maintained along with adding different aspect of Asian oriental design, oriental patterns and oriental motifs to make them look like a piece of art.

Oriental lamps for dining and living room are made with simplicity and elegance to provide a perfect balance. These lamps are made under the influence of Taoism and Buddhism.

Asian oriental lamps are a perfect blend of oriental designs like sun, moon and stars, fauna, religion and nature. These have been created with different techniques to give you the best experience. 

Oriental Table lamps serve as an important decorative piece in your room anywhere is it living or dining room or even bedroom. They have influence of western architecture.

The most peculiar oriental lamps to shop are white and blue colored with strong vertical or horizontal lines.

Find your best lamp

If you are looking for oriental lamps then the place to start is with Japanese oriental table lamp. These have been crafted by hand and designed in a manner that they radiate warmth and beauty at your doorstep. The oriental lamps symbolize good luck, wisdom, joyfulness as well as prosperity. 

If you have made your mind to purchase oriental lamps then you can easily get them from our store.

These oriental lamps will give perfect lighting to your room and make it look beautiful.

It is time to reveal oriental lamps of all styles, which reflects oriental culture- a little bit old world charm with some modern twist. 

Oriental Lamps can be very expensive but they are worth every penny you spend on them because these oriental table lamps will give you pleasure of warmth and bliss.

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