Oversized Mirrors Make Any Space Look Larger

Small spaces can be a bit confining and claustrophobic sometimes. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to make your small space look and feel larger. Mirrors create an optical illusion that make a room seem larger than it really is. Below are several oversized mirrors that make a lovely addition to any home or office.

The effect of a large wall mirror may be created with one oversized mirror – or by clustering several smaller mirrors, a gallery of mirrors.  – Shown above are the eye-catching Grantola Windowpane Mirrors by Uttermost – 48 x 72.


Create a Focal Point with Oversized Mirrors

Shown above is the Modena Mirror, 51 x 70. It features an aged ivory finish with gold ovetones.

In the dining room it might be the table. In a living room it might be a fireplace. The focal point in a bedroom is usually the bed. But the focal point in any or all of these rooms could be a mirror. Large or oversized mirrors are not only beautiful design accessories, but they make a room appear brighter and larger by reflecting artificial or natural light and by fooling the eye.

Remember – when hanging wall mirrors, think about what is on the adjacent and opposite sides of the wall – because that is what will be seen.  Don’t put a mirror in front of an area that you want to hide or minimize visibility.  Rather, put it opposite a window with a good view outside or a lovely interior space.

Rectangular Oversized Mirrors

Large, arched or rectangular oversized mirrors are the most versatile and popular. They may be hung horizontally, vertically, or just leaned against the wall.   In the living room, they are often hung above a couch. In the bedroom, these oversized mirrors are frequently used as dressing mirrors. In the dining room, they are often hung over a buffet table.  They make great bathroom mirrors located over the sink countertop.


To the right in the photo above is a very large oversized mirror, the Gilford Mirror – 62 x 86.  It features a wooden frame with a silver finish, black antiquing, and a gray glaze.

Round, Square, or Quatrefoil Shape Over sized Mirrors

To make a small dining room seem extra spacious,  hang a large round, square, or quatrefoil shape mirror above the buffet table. Use soft lighting and let it reflect in the mirror. It will lighten, brighten, and open the room up. It makes spectacular mood lighting with candle light or holiday lighting.


Above, the Prisca Mirror is the ideal focal point in any room – 65 x 65.  If you have a black table and chairs rejoice! But, this mirror will enhance any finish or style.

Oversized Windowpane Mirrors

Window pane mirrors add a lot of character.  Depending on how they are placed, they can give the impression of a window or function more as a decorative accessory.  The various panes of mirror create an interesting, fragmented, reflection of the room.


Featured above is the lovely Amiel Mirror by Uttermost, 42 x 82. This is an example of an arched windowpane mirror with lightly antiqued mirrors.

Gallery Style Multiple Small Mirrors

Multiple smaller mirrors have an advantage over the larger oversized mirrors in that you can make the overall wall mirror almost any size you want.  And, it is just as dramatic.  This type of feature works well whether installed from floor to ceiling or above a couch, bed, or console table.


Above, a dramatic mirrored wall effect is created with 24) Misa Squares Mirrors, 24 x 24 by Uttermost.

Gouveia Mirror, 20 x 20. Here is another example of the same type of idea.  The circle and square shape gives a strong design structure to any room. The outside frame consists of lightly antiqued mirrors.


Oversized Mirror Room Divider

An oversized mirror room divider is another way to reap the benefits of mirrors.  They add a vertical element to a room.  As shown below – the wall screen gives dimension and fills up the blank area in the corner.  Or, it could be used as a space divider.


Above is the Avidan 3-Panel Screen or Room Divider, 62 x 80. Metal frame with heavily antiqued gold finish and antiqued mirrors.

Wall Hanging Hardware for an Over sized Mirror

Uttermost mirrors  arrive with  D-hooks installed on the back for easy hanging and J-hooks included to nail into the wall.  Typically, an oversized mirror comes with adjustable J-hooks so that the mirror can be leveled without moving the nail in the wall. Mirrors can be heavy – so be sure to follow the maximum weight load recommendations associated with the wall hanging hardware.

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