Posh Lamps that will make your home look luxurious

Can you imagine a home looking luxurious without proper lighting? Well, probably not. Lighting is such an important aspect of interior design that it can make the whole picture look luxurious or cheap with just a few details changed. That is why making the right choice of lighting is so important. If you would like to be your own decorator, go for it! You can browse the internet, take a look at some interior design magazines or visit your favorite furniture stores, the choice is all yours. If you are too busy to do that, or you just prefer hiring professionals for such an important task, we don’t blame you. Now, let’s talk about some posh lamps that will make your home look luxurious, shall we?


The key is in layering

It is not a secret that lighting gives depth to a room. By adding or removing the layers, that is, the sources of light you create a different atmosphere of a space you are decorating. But, that is not all. The color of light is just as important as the strength of it. It also affects the mood of people spending time in a room. Finally, to top it all off, you will have to choose the light sources that fit your style and the vibe you would like your place to have. It doesn’t seem like such an easy task now, does it?


You can never have too many posh lamps in a room

Investing in posh lamps

Even though some pieces might seem expensive at first glance, they are an investment worth making. Remember, there are other ways to save money when moving to a new home other than cutting on timeless pieces of decoration. This is very important, especially if you are moving to a place where the cost of living is high, like NYC for example. So, you can try harder to find boxes at a reasonable price in NYC, pack and unpack by yourself instead of hiring professionals or make your own meals instead of eating out. Before you know it, your budget will be up for buying a classy lamp that will make your home look luxurious. 

Types of lighting you can achieve by posh lamps

There are three main types of lighting, which means there are three purposes we use the lamps for. We are talking about ambiance, task, and accent lighting. 

Relaxing areas need soft light 

Ambiance lighting is usually determined by the main source of light in a room. It should be chosen according to the atmosphere of the room and its style. If you are decorating your room from scratch, start by finding a proper, luxurious ceiling lamp. This light source is the one you cannot do without. For instance, a living room is a place where we spend many hours a day usually relaxing or entertaining, that is why you should opt for sources that emit soft light for this room.


Soft light for relaxation areas

Now depending on the height of your ceiling, you can choose from flush mount lighting, pendant lamps, and chandeliers (there are some other options too, but they cannot be included in posh lamps). Also, the style of your room should determine the finish you should go for, but we will talk about that a little bit later. 

Working areas require more light 

Task lighting is what you need to be able to perform various tasks. For instance, you will need a bit more light in your kitchen than the living room since that is the place you use for food preparation. Now, if you want your kitchen to look luxurious, you should be prepared to invest in a posh main light source – usually a chandelier or a pendant or more of them, and in several other sources that can even be hidden. 

When talking about task lighting, we cannot skip mentioning the home office. Nowadays, you can find thousands of table lamps you can use when performing your work at home. Choose a style and finish that fit the rest of the room and you are good to go.

Some objects deserve special attention

Accent light is used to draw attention to specific details. Whether you want to point out some artwork or a part of the room you are particularly proud of, accent light is what you need. Posh lamps that can help you achieve this effect are usually sconces, candle lights, pendants, and even some chandeliers. Accent lighting is a great way to lighten up a dark interior too.


A table lamp accentuating a vintage typewriter

Which material should your posh lamps be made of?

The material you choose for your lamp is as important for the overall picture as the color of the light the lamp emits. You should be able to tell what fits best in the room you are decorating. If chosen properly, a posh lamp can be a centerpiece of your decoration. Now, let’s discuss some finishes and the messages they are conveying.

Posh lamps can be made of glass

A lamp made of glass can be an exquisite piece of jewelry wherever you put it. It will introduce cascading light that is great for maximizing the space. Glass and crystal finishes are great for accentuating the elegance of the space and upgrading your home design. That is why such posh lamps are timeless and worth investing in. You can find almost any type of lamp made of glass materials – chandeliers, pendants, floor, table or wall lamps, etc.

Ceramics – material for works of art

Posh lamps with a base made of ceramics can all be considered works of art. They give that unique touch that only a hand-made decoration can bring to a room. Needless to say, they are among the oldest types of lamps ever created which gives them special value. If you love antique pieces, don’t hesitate to invest in one made of ceramics. 


Some lamps are simply timeless

Brass – for cold and warm interiors just alike

Brass has a wonderful color that adapts to any interior – warm or cold, big or small! It adds a classy note to any room you put it in. Brass is not only used for table, wall, or floor lamps, but for many pendants and lanterns as well. 

Other finishes you can choose

Some other finishes include the following materials:

  • wood – it gives the shabby chic note to the interior it is put in;
  • marble – even though cold, it is classical and clean;
  • resin – interesting choice of material, great for warming up a colder interior;
  • stainless steel – popular in contemporary home design;


Choosing a proper lighting source is always a challenge. But, once you make the right choice of posh lamps, you can rest assured that you have made the right investment in your luxurious home interior.

guest-authorBio: Anna Neil is an interior design expert with fifteen years of experience. A few years ago, she started sharing her experience by writing blogs for divinemoving.com and a few other companies. She is also passionate about traveling and fitness. 

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