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Arc lamps are a very functional light fixture, when you’d like to create a warm cozy area or you’d like to create a dramatic impact. An elegant arc lamp is a great way to enhance any room decor, transforming your space into a stylish, modern and comfortable home interior.

A contemporary arc lamp will create a bright and lively atmosphere, and a relaxing environment, while providing general lighting and task lighting while adding more style into your decorating.

A stylish arc floor lamp will become a main focal point for your space, bringing the eyes focus to a spot or corner that you’d like to highlight. Arc floor lamps do perfect job, providing needed light to an area and it becomes an stylish accent that is appealing to the eye.

These lamps make great reading lamps and work well at directing the light exactly where you want it.  

FineHomeLamps.com offers a variety of arc floor lamps and swing arm lamps, tripod lamps, and pharmacy lamps. Styles range from Traditional to Modern and are available in brass, wood, and other metals. Top name brands include Wildwood LampsChelsea HouseFrederick Cooper, and Uttermost.


For your living areas, bedrooms, home offices, and dining rooms. Designing with these highly functional lamps is fun and easy.


Arc floor lamps can be used beside sofas, chairs, work tables, desks, or to light up musical instruments such as a piano. Floor lamps are portable and the shades can give nice ambient light to a corner when not used for task lighting. Floor lamps take up little room so they can be used almost anywhere.

Popular Styles;

Having the ability to adjust the brightness of a floor lamp is not the only adjusting you want. It is also nice to have the ability to change the direction of the light and the height of the fixture. Some floor lamps feature telescoping columns to raise the height in order to fit in better and more effectively with various furniture height.

The arc floor lamp may be height-adjusted to suit your decor, checkyour model. Swing arm lamps let you quickly adjust the position of the lamp.

Our line of floor lamps include cutting edge modern styles by DimondUttermostFrederick Cooper bring us the best in Contemporary floor lamps.  Brands such as Wildwood and Decorative Crafts offer elegant, high-end, and Traditional style adjustable lamps.

Floor lamps can do anything a table lamp can and our floor lamps do it in high-end style. Floor lamps are considered a very versatile lamp. Easy to move around, they can be positioned exactly where you need the light, and many can adjust in height. Use a floor lamp next to your chair or place one on each end of a sofa, they work very well with desks, at your bedside or you can place one on each side of a buffet table.

FineHomeLamps.com has floor lamps in many styles, colors and finishes at the best prices every day by top name brands such as WildwoodFrederick CooperUttermost, and more

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