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Floor lamps should be a part of any lighting plan. Their tall narrow shape is just right for small spaces that need light. Torchiere floor lamps are generally used for general or accent lighting. The light is directed at the ceiling where it is reflected and lights the space with a warm attractive light.

A torchiere floor lamp is one of the most recognizable and popular types of floor lamps. The name torchiere is derived from the word for “torch,” in French, and is identified by the upright shape that resembles a torch shape, with the fixture aiming upward. 

Torchiere Floor LampsCategory_FL_Torchiere-c Add Style and Ambiance

Torchiers do not take up much floor space, with an unobtrusive shape that may have add to their popularity. The advantage that  torchiere floor lamps have is the ability to provide general light. They direct light upward to the ceiling, where light is diffused into pleasing general light that illuminates the room. 

Some torchier floor lamps feature a dimmer switch and is equipped with dimmer lamps. That adds to their versatility, allowing you to soften the light or turn up the light as needed. And because there are torchieres in many different styles, from modern to traditional, you can get one that fits into your own decor.

When you purchase a torchiere floor lamp, be sure it is from a well known brand to be sure it is stable and won’t tip over easily. A weighted base is an important feature for stability; and be sure to position it properly so that it won’t topple over.

Torchiere Floor Lamps are a great part of a good lighting plan. It warms the room visually and is perfect for a dark corner or add a beautiful torchiere lamp to your foyer, or to bring style and illumination to a dark hall.

If you don’t read in bed and need only ambient light they can work very well in the bedroom.  The floor lamp is portable and can easily be moved to wherever you need it. Don’t try to match a torchiere floor lamp to your ceiling and table lamps. Choose one that reflects the general style of your room and let it be a unique piece of décor.

Floor Lamps 

Floor lamps can do anything a table lamp can and our floor lamps do it with high-end style and beauty. Floor lamps are considered the most versatile lamp. They are very easy to move around, they can be positioned right where you need the light, and many can be adjusted in height. Use a floor lamp next to your reading chair or one on each end of a sofa, they work well with desks, secretaries, besides a bed, or place one on each side of a buffet table.

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