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Floor lamps are available in a wide range of colors and we carry them all.  Brass, Gold, Chrome, or Nickel have always been popular metal colors.  Trending now, black or bronze are also a very popular color choice for all styles of floor lamp.

From contemporary, modern, traditional, to transitional styles.  Black is a very versatile color and can be sleek and modern, rich and Old World, or elegant and traditional – depending on the design of the lamp. The same is true of bronze.

Popular Black Floor Lamps

  • Choose a black adjustable floor lamp for beside your bed. You can position the light fixture so it shines light on your bed or exactly where you’d like.
  • Choose a black arch floor lamp to illuminate a dressing table.
  • Choose a black antique floor lamps for a classic look.

Floor Lamps by Color

Whether your home is elegantly traditional, sleek modern or clean contemporary we have a floor lamp color that will coordinate beautifully with your color scheme and style at discount prices. If you are unsure about which lamp to choose – contact us about our convenient free visualization service.

Floor Lamp Lampshade Colors and Materials

There’s a vast array of lampshade colors and materials ranging from white, tan, brown, or black fabrics to paper or metal. If you would like to add some warmth and color to your room – choose a floor lamp with a colored and/or patterned shade.

Of course, the lighter color lampshade or the ones that are more transparent will provide more general lighting. Metal, black, or opaque shades will concentrate the lighting.  Reading lamps frequently use metal shades to focus on lighting.

Cream or white shades are beautiful for any room and they are also neutral  – but don’t be afraid to choose a floor lamp with a shade that is a bit daring. 



Reading lamps

Give directional light down on your book, others give more general light and many can give both. 

Touchier floor lamps

Provide soft comfortable light that bounces off the ceiling and illuminates your space when indirect lighting is needed.

Table floor lamps

Provide a place for a book or cup of coffee and are very functional.

Bedroom floor lamps

Are an excellent alternative to a dresser table lamp. They provide light and add style, but do not take up space on the dresser.

And lastly, floor lamps provide a vertical element to a room – that can help draw the eye upwards.

Today’s floor lamps are better than ever; providing style, function, and beauty to the home.

Floor Lamps 

Floor lamps can do anything a table lamp can and our floor lamps do it with high-end style and beauty. Floor lamps are considered the most versatile lamp. They are very easy to move around, they can be positioned right where you need the light, and many can be adjusted in height. Use a floor lamp next to your reading chair or one on each end of a sofa, they work well with desks, secretaries, besides a bed, or place one on each side of a buffet table.


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