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Rustic Floor Lamps

tusciano-traditional-floor-lamp-by-uttermostAntiqued, aged, Old World, or maybe a “primitive look” generally describes a Rustic style. features high end & affordable Rustic floor lamps in different metals and woods. Top name brands include Uttermost, Dimond, Wildwood Lamps, Frederick Cooper, among others. No tax, Free shipping.

Rustic design schemes are generally thought to be coarse, beautiful and simple. Natural materials like metals, stone, and wood are highlighted in the design. The  challenge is to develop a design based in simplicity and beauty.

Rustic design is simple

Embrace organic ambiance that bring together warmth and comfort. These principles in design will help to create a rustic eden.

Organic Textures

Wood is the prominent material in a rustic design. Using reclaimed wood is an ideal choice that will provide an earthy, natural and beautiful look. Wood flooring is typical and will complement the wood beams that support the ceiling. Hickory, pine, and cherry is popular  to achieve that rustic feel.

Metals are also a common element seen in these designs. They are generally  incorporated into spaces in many ways depending on taste. Pans and pots tend to be hung in the kitchen while iron bands are showcased and wrapping around a staircase post.

With rustic design schemes, you may simply choose accessories and  finishes for your home. Choose raw products and materials that look hand-made and go well with a rustic style; you will likely observe that these details can make the difference. For example, rustic styled metal floor lamps can go well with raw wood in the bedroom while antiqued faucets in the bathroom should also match the towel bar that will give that bathroom the desired rustic style.



Brick or stone are often made use of to provide balance to completes a rustic design.

Exposing natural elements of walls are also often seen as a  highlight to nature’s elements as shown with this beautiful rustic light pendant  — fire,  stone, and wood  —  unites rustic beautify.

Natural Color Schemes

When talking about a rustic color scheme, many will think of cream, beige,and  brown. Although, natural rustic color palettes can also include blue, red and green. Make sure the colors tie in with the other elements so you end up with a warm and earthy ambiance, there’s really no limit.



In order to embrace the beauty of distressed rustic style, large areas such as walls, floors, and furnishings generally get left unpainted leaving that raw look.

Even though color is used to accessorize and compliment the natural raw materials of a room, understand that selecting colors can prove to be challenging, white is a good solution. From fabrics to vases, white will give substantial support to achieve that desired look.




Rustic design styles bring together bold materials that inspire nature. Many different materials are used side-by-side, leading to a complex room design style. This design ends up with an effortless yet stylish look, meaning the floors need just a rug or throw to give it a sense of warm ambiance.




Because too many rustic materials and surfaces are unrefined and simple, those patterns can evoke interest. From lighting, pillow cases to rugs, those patterns should loosely match with the surrounding decor.

rustic design with plaid patternsRustic interior design is highlighted with things like a handmade quilt — or even, one that appears to be handmade. Bright patterns on colored quilts will provide a great look and feel. Showcasing a quilt on the wall is an awesome way to inject  a down-home feel to the design.





Rustic furniture sometimes comes from recycled or reclaimed materials that provide support for the idea of re-purposing. Unlike more modern decor, rustic designs have no obvious lines or patterns. Like unrefined tree trunks, which are used to make tables and beds, offers authentic comfort and warmth.                                                          rustic-table



Raw or re-purposed wood can make minimalist accessories look handmade. Go ahead and use wood furniture similar to “tree trunk” material, such as branches, driftwood and twigs, which are also generally used for accessorizing.

Rustic interior design is a great way to be in touch with nature while reaping the benefits of the calming powers they provide. If you want an inviting and warm home, look no further – rustic is your way to go!