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Giclee Art Prints

What makes giclee special? The giclee print is a far higher quality print using very vivid inks and provides a print with a far longer lifespan. Our giclee prints offer soft watercolors, calming botanicals, exquisite silhouettes, rich charcoal sketches, exciting colors with the lifelike appearance of photography – there’s no end to the creative effects you can achieve with our collection of fascinating Giclee Art Prints. These prints are the perfect accent for any wall in your house. The only difficulty is deciding which one!

Framed Giclee Wall Art Prints

If you’re new to buying art prints you might be wondering what a ”giclee” print is. The term is French and it means to ”spatter out.” It is the finest quality printing technique available and produces the most accurate reproductions with amazingly brilliant color variation.

Research tells us that Giclee prints using 100 lb paper and the archival pigmented inks can last as long as 200 years! Giclee prints can be bought with confidence since these art prints are museum quality.

The print may be slightly more expensive but it looks exactly like the original – you really can’t tell the difference between the original painting and a Giclee art print — and the Giclee has more value than any other type of print.