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18" & Less

WALL ART SIZE 18” & SMALLER is the perfect size for grouping in twos, threes and fours. Our 18” and smaller art prints are sold in sets to take out the guesswork and make choosing art for grouping fast and easy. The only difficult part may be making up your mind which group you like best! Our collection includes prints from all of our stunning themes categories from animals to scenic to vintage.

18″, 17″, 16″ or Less Wall Art Height

This is the perfect size for attractive groupings for your space.  This is also a good size to arrange on an art ledge or to use on shelves.  A grouping of art prints should be thought of as one item when planning and measuring. For instance a grouping of four prints that is 18” each with 2 inches of space between will be the same as a 40” x 40” print.  Do the math and know how much space the grouping will take up on the wall you plan to use it on.  Groupings of prints can also be used single file in a narrow space.  Choose wall art that is 18″, 17″, 16″ or less in height at