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The coastal style of decorating is probably the biggest news since the contemporary style hit the design world. It’s calm, it’s exhilarating, it’s sand, sea, and sky, ocean waves, glorious sunsets, it’s a touch of summer vacation all year round. The coastal theme and style is part mood, part nature, and part color. The colors are sensational – blues, greens, coral, tan, browns, plum – and coastal wall art is the ideal way to pull a coastal color scheme together and make the whole room ”work”.

Coastal Wall Art Prints & Canvas Wall Art

Category_WA_Coastal-cOcean breezes, verandas, New England Shingle porches, sand, surf, sun, sky, waves, a relaxed mood and memories of places you may or may not have ever visited – these things and more are inspired by coastal décor and wall art. The colors are soft yellow, coral and peach, sand, ocean blue and green, plum and violet – the hues of sunsets and beaches. Coastal furniture is relaxed and for the most part cottage without the shabby chic. Lots of pastel wood furniture pieces and wicker. Weathered wood is popular and the art is comprised of water, the animals of the sea, sunsets, shells, and sailboats. Tropical and Nautical inspired art is also a staple.

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