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Aged Ivory Wall Mirrors for the Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, or Dining Room

Ivory is neutral, and falls somewhere between cool shades of ivory and more yellow-based shades of cream in the color spectrum. Its calming warm ambiance draws you in and unifies a room, allowing for a nice mixture of diverse colors.

Aged Ivory Wall Mirrors

A delicate ivory mirror placed in a girls room is charming. Use them anywhere you like to make a room seem more spacious. Use ivory to make a room seem cooler or more feminine. Every mirror reflects light and will brighten up a room but a mirror with a lighter shade like an ivory frame seems to do this even more because the frame is light enough that it will also reflect some light. Ivory will always lighten up a dark room so you can’t go wrong using a mirror with an ivory frame if the room has dark wall colors.

ivory exudes a sense of freshness, purity, and cleanliness.  It’s the ultimate neutral cool color (or technically non-color) and even somehow makes us feel cooler. Ivory on ivory is also a very popular color scheme and ivory looks fantastic with any color you pair it with. It’s best known to be paired with black – and is always a classic. Use ivory with any Traditional, Contemporary, or Modern room style.  Finishes for our ivory, cream or off-white mirror frames typically include a lacquer, stain, or paint in either a glossy or matte finishes.  We carry top name brands at discount prices. Free Shipping, No Tax. 

Mirror Brands

                                    Aged Ivory Wall Mirror by Uttermost

We carry several brands such as Uttermost, Howard Elliott, Wildwood, Chelsea House, Dimond, Decorative Crafts, and Cooper Classics.  These brands offer a variety of styles, sizes, and colors at affordable to high-end prices.

Another aspect of the color ivory is it has a long standing image of luxury. Ivory is associated with luxury in some cultures and as being something of immense value. Elephant tusks as well as rhinoceros horns are made of ivory and have been a prize throughout the centuries thought of for prosperity, healing powers, and wealth. But, today we value saving the species rather than hunting them for their ivory. We now find better ways to incorporate the clean beauty and feel of ivory into the home.

Ivory goes with any color and when paired with darker colors such as navy blue or black, ivory will provide a bright focal point. You can add depth to any room by pairing ivory with darker wood tones. Use light woods for a fresher look.

Wall Mirror Guidelines

A large mirror can be used in a dining room or foyer to accent a chandelier with breathtaking results. Similarly, a large mirror hanging above a fireplace will reflect the light from pillar candle groupings giving twice the soft flickering radiance.

According to feng shui mirrors can accent the positive in more ways than one. A decorative wall mirror in the foyer or entrance to your home offers a welcoming feeling to all who enter.  A mirror over the fireplace is said to bring good energy into the room. Because a mirror is a water element when placed over fire it causes a nice balance of elements.

By selecting a mirror for a fireplace with a highly decorative frame,  you create a work of functional art so stunning no other wall décor is needed. 

Rules of Thumb

When choosing mirrors for your home some rules of thumb apply:

1)  If your home is traditional in style – choose mirrors with more elegant ornate frames and oval or rectangular shapes.
2)  For contemporary or modern homes look for simple frames with round, square or unusual shapes.
3)  For country or cottage style homes you might want to look for a whimsical or distressed frame.

Mirrors can even give the illusion of a window where there is none. An arched multi-pane mirror is fitted with small shutters and decorative plates arranged to follow the rounded top of the mirror. It provides all the charm of a cottage style window and the garden like grouping it reflects reminds one of a delightful little porch.

Whether you choose to group several small mirrors or use one large mirror – by all means take advantage of all the benefits mirrors have to offer your home.

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