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Contemporary Wall Mirrors for Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, or Dining Room:  

The Contemporary style is constantly changing and it features whatever is popular at the moment. It could be an eclectic mix of Traditional and Modern styles. It is usually described as having a casual, comfortable, look and feel.  If your room is looking dull  – adding an impressive contemporary wall mirror can add new life, as well as a focal point.  Every room needs a focal point – make yours fabulous.  Free Shipping, No Tax.

A contemporary wall mirror is a wonderful design element in any home or office. If contemporary style is your passion you are in luck, the following contemporary wall mirror tips and advice will provide you with some inspiration. Rather than making do with the ordinary it’s not only possible but relatively easy to create something spectacular with a stunning wall mirror or a grouping of mirrors.

Create a Focal Point with a Modern Contemporary Wall Mirror

A dramatic Howard Elliott mirror or one from Decorative Crafts can look every bit as amazing as a modern painting or three-dimensional wall sculpture. A large contemporary wall mirror over a fireplace or hang a large mirror above a table in a grand foyer and add a modern sculpture and you have a recipe for a magnificent focal point.

To make your display even more impressive place it directly across from a window that brings in a good amount of natural light. The light will not only be aimed at your focal point, highlighting it, but the mirror will also reflect the light throughout the room making it far more bright and cheery.

Add the Illusion of Space with A Contemporary Living Room Mirror

A contemporary or modern wall mirror or grouping can be placed to reflect natural or artificial light and will add the illusion of size to your home, business, or office.

If your room or office has only one lone window to add light add a well-placed mirror or a series of mirrors so they reflect light throughout the room. Experiment and try wall mirrors in various locations to find where you will get the best effect.

Reflections of Artistic Displays

Category_WM_Contemporary-cWorks of fine contemporary art are spectacular additions to a contemporary home, but if they can only be viewed from a specific side of the room they are not being used to their greatest potential.

If you have a beautiful work of contemporary art that is worthy of displaying on more than one wall, place a mirror or a collection of mirrors on an opposite wall from the display. Mirrors will allow the wall hanging to be seen from various angles, and the addition of mirrors is a superb way to add more color and appeal to a contemporary space or area.

Give the Look of a Contemporary Skylight Using Mirrors

If you are so fortunate to have a slanted ceiling or wall it’s not too hard to add a skylight using a large plain mirror, simply securely mount on this horizontal space. This technique is especially awesome if the mirror reflects contemporary artwork or windows.

Contemporary Wall Mirror Brands

We carry several brands such as Uttermost, Wildwood, Chelsea House, Dimond, Decorative Crafts, and Cooper Classics.  These brands offer a variety of styles, sizes, and colors at affordable to high-end prices.

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