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Silver Wall Mirrors for the Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, or Dining Room

Silver is a very crisp, cool color and extremely popular today.  Silver can be very sleek and Contemporary or very elegant and Traditional. Silver mirrors take the form of any style – from very Modern to very Vintage and everything in between. Finishes on our silver frames typically include silver leaf, lacquer, nickel, stainless steel, or aluminum. They may appear bright and shiny or soft and muted with antiqued or aged finishes. Top name brands at discount prices. Free Shipping, No Tax. 

Mirrors are a great decorative accent not only for their functionality but also because they help to make a room feel brighter and bigger. Silver mirrors from Fine Home Lamps are great at brightening up a room. Silver mirrors will add a shimmering accent to any living room, bedroom, bathroom, or entryway. Used as statement pieces or elegant accents, a silver mirror can add beauty and style to your home.

A silver mirror is simple to incorporate into a decor design scheme. Silver goes well with most silver accent pieces of home decor, and it also goes with the colors green and yellow. Add either real or fake plants next to your silver mirror in a vase, and you have a picture-perfect visage.
Silver mirrors come in many different shapes and sizes that are great with different styles. For instance, a larger rectangle or square mirror with a darker silver frame is a great choice to accent a contemporary bathroom. However, a round mirror can add a whimsical accent to your entryway.
The texture of the frame on a silver mirror can determine what type of style it is best suited for. An unbeveled metal frame should have a modern appearance to it, while a more textured wooden frame should have a traditional, rustic, or antique feeling to it depending on the rest of the decor in the space.
Silver mirrors are great to add a sophisticated dimension to any space, whether it’s included as a part of a gallery wall or alone as a focal point. The look of minimalistic yet ornate mirror makes them easy to decorate with and great to decorate around. At Fine Home Lamps, you’ll find a variety of beautiful silver mirrors that will  inspire you.

Silver Wall Mirrors

If you want a framed mirror but you really want to open up a wall and make appear large and spacious there’s no better option than silver. Silver can be so close to the color of the glass itself that it almost appears frameless but still offers a bit of a boundary. Use in the bath with black vanity cabinets or a black pedestal sink for the height of Contemporary sophistication or Traditional elegance depending on the style of frame and cabinet or sink. But don’t stop there it can also do the same over the fireplace or in the foyer reflecting silver-tone hanging light fixtures.

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