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Category_WM_All2cBathroom Mirrors or Vanity Mirrors:

A good mirror is an essential part of any bathroom – who could get ready for work or go anywhere without one? The mirror you choose needs to enhance your style and be functional at the same time. A vanity mirror also reflects natural and artificial light making the space brighter and appear larger. Size, frame finish, style, and your budget are all major factors. We offer fine quality bath mirrors that will lighten, brighten, and provide the functionality you need – with all the style you desire – and with prices ranging from affordable to high-end. Free Shipping, No Tax.

Bathroom Mirrors – Vanity Mirrors

Give thought to the space you have and the size you need before you begin shopping for your bath mirrors. Measure your vanity and other spaces and know the size of the mirrors you need for the vanity or vanities, and each area you wish to enhance.

One large mirror can serve both vanities in a bathroom but two individual mirrors in this area give you a chance to get more creative. It also gives each user, in the case of the usual double vanity, a greater feeling of individual space. Always choose a mirror large enough to make it fully functional  – but not too large for any space. Center each mirror over the sinks making certain the mirror will not be so large as to extend beyond the outside edge of the vanity.

Bathroom Mirror Brands

Whether coastal is your passion, or sleek and Modern is your thing; or you love the elegance and classic timelessness of Traditional, or you are the clean Contemporary type, you are sure to find the perfect mirror for any space in your home. Is it time to update the bath with a new vanity mirror? Or do you need something romantic to set a mood in the master suite? Do you need a mirror for a certain theme in a child’s room? Do you have an entry area that needs a mirror to check your look before heading out the door? Do you need the perfect crowning touch for a cozy fireplace? Or something for a boring hall?

Look no further than our full line of fine quality Dimond, Uttermost, Cooper Classics, and Fine Home Mirrors. Wildwood mirrors are timeless classics. Uttermost is cutting edge. Dimond is the perfect mix of function and fashion. Decorative Crafts and Chelsea House mirrors are like fine jewelry for your walls.  And, Fine Home Mirrors are made in the USA.  Our brands have exactly what you need. Look no further than our full line of the exquisite wall, floor, vanity, cheval, and art mirrors for quality, style, beauty, craftsmanship, and functionality. And look no further than Fine Home Lamps for affordability and service.

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