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Wall Mirrors 42″, 43″, 44″: 

Old World, Traditional, Contemporary, large, small, simple or ornate, floor, bath, or artistic; mirrors add style, personality, beauty, and functionality to our rooms and our lives and we really can’t live without them – why would we want to?  We have a full line of 42 to 44-inch mirrors for any room and in all styles.


Wall Mirrors 42″, 43″, 44″

Large, or not so large, wall mirrors are just the thing for a windowless space – bathroom, powder room, tub area, water closet, you name it – they easily give the look of a window to these claustrophobic producing spaces. And since mirrors reflect artificial light back into the room they even make any space look brighter, much like a real window. A large arched mirror behind a bathtub can instantly give the look of a bath window in the design magazines without the privacy issues. A window between two vanity mirrors has become a very popular look. If a window isn’t possible in your bath a mirror, complete with ”window panes” will give the illusion of a window where there is none.

Mirrors by Size Brands

We carry several brands such as Uttermost, Howard Elliott, Wildwood, Chelsea House, Dimond, Decorative Crafts, and Cooper Classics.  These brands offer a variety of styles, sizes, and colors at affordable to high-end prices.

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