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Mirrors 50″, 51″, 52″, 53″, 54″: 

Homes today have soaring ceilings and the higher the ceiling the taller the mirrors need to be, particularly if they are going to be hung on the wall rather than standing on the floor. Fireplaces and foyer spaces especially tend to require tall mirrors.


We have exactly what you need for all your spaces large and small, tall and not-so-tall.  We offer a large range of sizes, styles, and prices to meet all needs.  Free shipping, No tax.

Wall Mirrors 50″, 51″, 52″, 53″, 54″

When shopping for large mirrors customers often assume rectangular mirrors are their only option but that isn’t necessarily true. We have stunning round and artistic style mirrors in the 50-54 inch range for over a very large sofa, bed, fireplace, or for hanging on a very large wall. We offer you many options at all sizes.

Mirror by Size Brands

We carry several brands such as Uttermost, Howard Elliott, Wildwood, Chelsea House, Dimond, Decorative Crafts, and Cooper Classics.  These brands offer a variety of styles, sizes, and colors at affordable to high-end prices.

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