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Natural Objects

NATURAL OBJECTS WALL ART:  Do you love nature in all it’s forms? Do you prefer to use the muted earthy colors of nature in your color schemes?  You’ll love our Natural Objects art prints. Our Natural Objects collection is filled with the simple beauty of nature – forest, field, beach, quarry. Their simple sublimity makes them a natural choice for den, office, living room, bedroom – anywhere you want to display a unique and unexpected touch of nature.

Natural Objects Wall Art & Shadow Boxes

The definition of Contemporary design is ”of the moment.” And unlike Modern it is forever changing. It is what is popular at the time. Nothing is more popular or says ”Contemporary” more than natural object wall art.  Here, many of the natural wall art pieces are framed in a shadow box – a deep frame.

Tree Decor is currently the one of the biggest trends in Contemporary design and it is a big theme in wall art. But, other elements of nature are big as well, such as shells, stones, reeds, field plants, and willow. Is this theme just Contemporary? Absolutely not! This theme blends superbly with Traditional, cottage, coastal, rustic – in short, any. It mixes well with art print themes including birds and bugs, animals, coastal, and floral and botanical. offers a wide range of natural shadow box wall art prints, oil paintings, and canvas art in many sizes by Paragon, Chelsea House, & Uttermost.