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SCENIC ART PRINTS are without a doubt one of, if not the most, popular types of wall art. Scenic art takes you to a special place – or a special memory – or instills a mood into your room. The sea finishes your room with calming waves or placid waters. A rustic barn sets the tone for a country style room. A tree brings a touch of autumn, summer, winter or spring to any style room. The colors of the outdoors is the perfect inspiration for your color schemes. Our collection of scenic wall art will make you a little sentimental for places you’ve never been! But, that’s what good art is suppose to do.

Scenic Wall Art Prints and Canvas Art

When buying wall art, scenic or any other theme, there’s some rules to remember.  First of all, bigger is better – usually.  There are times you just need to fill in a small space that needs a little something, but when buying major art prints that will have impact on your decorating in a living room or some other major room, go BIG.

Art should be about 3/4 the width of the furniture below and it should be hung around 6” – 8″ above the sofa, mantel, or table. Never hang it too high, it should be at eye level. If the room is used primarily for sitting, such as a dining or living room, art should be hung lower than in a room where you are standing, such as a foyer. offers a wide range of scenic wall art prints, oil paintings, and canvas art in many sizes by Paragon, Chelsea House, & Uttermost.