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The word ”Chandelier” comes from the French ”Chandelabre” or ”Candlestick” and the first chandeliers were nothing more than wooden cross-sections used to hold candles. Later chandeliers were created with metal and fine crystal but only the upper-class elite could afford them. Times have certainly changed and we offer a variety of these exquisite lighting fixtures in the affordable and high-end price range. Chandeliers and pendants are available in a wide range of stunning styles, sizes, finishes, and prices.

Chelsea House Chandelier or Pendant – Sizing

Category_Chelsea_House_ChandeliersCWhether you are looking for a chandelier or pendant to brighten your foyer, living room or dining room it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect fixture if you keep a few things in mind. Start with size. Measure your room’s width and length in feet and add those two measurements together. The sum is the right diameter for your fixture in inches. Although this is just a rule of thumb it does give you a place to start. If it will be used above a dining table we recommend the diameter to be 1/2 to 2/3 the width of your table. The average is 26 to 30 inches in diameter and has four to six lights.

Uplighting will reflect light off the ceiling and create a soft pleasant glow. Downlighting is a more direct illumination. If the chandelier has un-shaded candle bulbs consider a dimmer so you can control how much light it will give.

Pendant lights are single fixtures hung from the ceiling like a chandelier. There are various types: mini-pendants are small and are often hung in groups. Multi-light pendants are often used in kitchens, over dining room tables, and other locations where you need quite a bit of light. Downlight pendants are best for task lighting and uplight pendants are good for general ambient lighting.

Pendants should, in general, be hung 30 to 40 inches above a kitchen work surface and about 30 to 36 inches above a dining room table.

About Chelsea House

Chelsea House sets the precedent on lighting style and quality with their full line of elegant chandeliers and pendant lighting in a style, size, and type for every room in your house. Whether you need a chandelier or multi-light or single light pendant for task lighting above your kitchen island, above a dining table, or for your great room or other living space – Chelsea House offers exactly what you want and need.