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Chelsea House Wall Mirrors

Chelsea House Wall Mirrors –  We use mirrors everyday and usually don’t give it a thought. But mirrors are more than an indispensable part of our bathrooms. Mirrors can reflect light to brighten a room, give the illusion of a window or visually increase the size of a room. They can make an ugly defect in a wall disappear or even make a wall seem taller or shorter. It can help define the room’s style and add a touch of elegance or sophistication. Mirrors belong in every room in the house!  Orders are generally shipped within 7-10 days from North Carolina via Fed Ex Ground (or by Truck for larger items).

Chelsea House Mirrors – Choosing Size

When choosing a new wall mirror first consider size. Size depends on the size of the wall where it will hang and what you want the mirror will accomplish. If you are trying to make a big impact on a large wall, choose a big mirror at least 25 to 31 inches in width and length – or choose a cluster of smaller mirrors. If the mirror will serve as an accent on a small wall it may be as small as 10 inches around.

Balance is important – so a mirror should be from 2/3 to 3/4 the width of the furniture it’s hung above. If it will work in your space you can go up to the width of the furniture at most, but never over.  And, don’t hang the mirror high above the furniture, typically no more than 12″.  The mirror and the couch or buffet table should read as a grouping of objects.

Shape – While square and rectangular mirrors are the most popular don’t feel you have to limit yourself. Mirrors are available in all kinds of interesting shapes that help define the style of your room and create interest. An unusual shape will attract attention to a wall you want to accent and can draw the eye away from something you don’t. If you have a lot of rectangular lines in your room – add a round or oval mirror to break up too many hard angles. If you need to make a bold statement on a large wall choose a large starburst shaped mirror for maximum pizzazz.

About Chelsea House

chelsea-house-mirrors-1.jpgWhether your goal is to add glamour, define your style, brighten the room, or add some Old World elegance and charm Chelsea House has the mirror to fit your needs. Add a gleaming gold ornate frame to create some grandeur; or some old-fashioned charm and genteel grace with an ornate white framed vanity mirror or add the totally unexpected look of the great outdoors to a den or rustic home; or a swirl of gold that will definitely attract some attention! You can count on Chelsea House to add personality to your interior spaces.