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Chelsea House Wall Sconces

Chelsea House Wall Sconces – If you haven’t thought about using wall sconces in your home before you should give them some serious consideration. Wall sconces are excellent sources of light, take virtually no room and come in every style. They can be used beside a bed, as accent lamps and are perfect for halls and children’s rooms. They can bring attention to a wall mirror or picture – or an architectural element such as a fireplace.

Chelsea House Sconces – Location and Spacing

To give your walls a warm inviting glow choose an up light wall sconce. These will make your room appear larger than it is. Down light wall sconces will direct light down on the bottom of the wall and floor. These are good for halls and they create a warm cozy atmosphere and can make a long dark hall look smaller and welcoming. For a dining room or hallway space them 4 to 6 feet apart and no less than 5 feet from the floor. A good rule of thump is 65 to 70 inches from the floor. If you have very small walls, in an upstairs bedroom for example, or very tall walls such as a foyer, you may adjust accordingly. They should be level with existing wall art.

About Chelsea House

Chelsea House wall sconces will bring warm inviting light wherever you need it. Their sconces will bring elegance to the foyer or hall, beautiful lighting for the bedroom, and any other living space. Timeless and classic Chelsea House offers the perfect wall sconce for your home’s style and the look you are trying to project. Don’t forget dimmers are a great way to fine-tune your Chelsea House sconce to just the right light for your needs.