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Decorative Crafts Chandeliers

Decorative Crafts Chandeliers, Pendants, and Lanterns: Chandeliers have been around for centuries – but are far different today than in centuries past. Today, these amazing fixtures make a statement – and with the use of dimmers, the lighting levels may be easily adjusted to set the perfect ambiance. Decorative Crafts Lanterns and Chandeliers express a sense of refined luxury and splendor. Materials include fine crystal, brass, nickel, antiqued silver leaf, antiqued gold leaf. Add style and design like no other to grace your foyer, living room, kitchen, bath, or bedroom.  These ceiling lights typically ship in 3-10 days via FedEx Ground or Freight from Connecticut.  Call for Best Price.


Decorative Crafts Chandelier, Determine Size

Determine Chandelier Diameter: When choosing a beautiful Decorative Crafts chandelier, you will need to determine the right size. A huge chandelier in a small room will overpower it, and a small one in a large room, or one with very high ceilings, will seem to disappear.

To find the right diameter, measure your room and add the width and length.  The sum in inches will give you the approximate diameter. For example 12′ + 12′ = 24′.  Change feet to inches > gives a 24″ diameter, approximate size.

<<< To the right, is the 3-light Palla Chandelier (SKU 7981), 18″ Wide x 25″ High. This crystal chandelier features numerous crystal spheres set on a nickel finished wrought iron frame. Made in Italy.  This somewhat small chandelier works great in the kitchen, bathroom, or over a small table. 

 vvv Below,  is the 8-light Messina Chandelier (SKU 7736), 35″ Wide x 28″ High.  Features a wrought iron frame with a scroll design and a silver leaf finish. Made in Italy. Works great in spaces with low ceilings.

decorative-crafts-silver-chandelier.jpgTypes of Chandeliers by Decorative Crafts

High End Decorative Crafts Chandeliers on Sale at Fine Home Lamps

Brass, nickel, crystal, Venetian glass — Oh, those gorgeous chandeliers, ceiling lanterns, and pendants. High end Decorative Crafts chandeliers have a way of transforming even the most boring room into something amazing.

Decorative Crafts Chandeliers on Sale at Fine Home Lamps –  Some of these ceiling lights are in the expensive chandelier range.  Call Us for Best Price. We can almost always provide a good discount. If you would like to see how any of these Modern or Traditional chandeliers will look in your home or office, check out our Free Visualization Service