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Adding a DIMOND MIRROR to your room is a great way to take a bad room and make it better – it can take a good room and send it over the top. Like lamps, wall mirrors are both decorative and functional. They can give the illusion of height, light, and size to a room. They can help take the place of a window where there is none and even make a small enclosed place less claustrophobic. Most mirrors are generally shipped within 3-5 business days from Pennsylvania and come with your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Dimond Wall Mirrors  – Size

When choosing a mirror always measure the place you plan to use it. And keep in mind a few simple rules of thumb. A mirror should never be wider than the furniture it is located above – such as a couch or buffet table. A huge mirror will over-power a small wall and a small mirror, unless it’s part of a wall grouping, will disappear on a large wall.

A mirror will ”mirror” whatever is across from it so make sure it is something nice. Placing a mirror, for instance, across from a window with a beautiful view will double that beautiful view and will brighten the room – almost as though you have another window. And always, choose a mirror that will compliment your room style and a finish or color that will enhance your color scheme.

Wall Mirror Guidelines

Category_Dim_Wallmirrors-cA large mirror can be used in a dining room or foyer to accent a chandelier with breathtaking results. Similarly, a large mirror hanging above a fireplace will reflect the light from pillar candle groupings giving twice the soft flickering radiance.

According to feng shui mirrors can accent the positive in more ways than one. A decorative wall mirror in the foyer or entrance to your home offers a welcoming feeling to all who enter.  A mirror over the fireplace is said to bring good energy into the room. Because a mirror is a water element when placed over fire it causes a nice balance of elements.

By selecting a mirror for a fireplace with a highly decorative frame,  you create a work of functional art so stunning no other wall décor is needed. 

Rules of Thumb

When choosing mirrors for your home some rules of thumb apply:

1)  If your home is traditional in style – choose mirrors with more elegant ornate frames and oval or rectangular shapes.
2)  For contemporary or modern homes look for simple frames with round, square or unusual shapes.
3)  For country or cottage style homes you might want to look for a whimsical or distressed frame.

Mirrors can even give the illusion of a window where there is none. An arched multi-pane mirror is fitted with small shutters and decorative plates arranged to follow the rounded top of the mirror. It provides all the charm of a cottage style window and the garden like grouping it reflects reminds one of a delightful little porch.

Whether you choose to group several small mirrors or use one large mirror – by all means take advantage of all the benefits mirrors have to offer your home.


Mirror mirror on the wall – who’s the fairest of them all? Dimond mirrors are certainly at the top. From sophisticated Modern and Contemporary to elegant Traditional – to charming and demure  – to timeless mirrors that could easily live happily in any style room. has the styles and finishes you want for any room in your house at the prices you can afford.