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Dimond Mirrors

Dimond Mirrors – Adding a mirror to your room is a great way to take a bad room and make it better – it can take a good room and send it over the top. Like lamps, wall mirrors are both decorative and functional. They can give the illusion of height, light, and size to a room. They can help take the place of a window where there is none and even make a small enclosed place less claustrophobic. Most mirrors are generally shipped within 3-5 business days from Pennsylvania and come with your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Dimond Wall Mirrors  – Size

When choosing a mirror always measure the place you plan to use it. And keep in mind a few simple rules of thumb. A mirror should never be wider than the furniture it is located above – such as a couch or buffet table. A huge mirror will over-power a small wall and a small mirror, unless it’s part of a wall grouping, will disappear on a large wall.

A mirror will ”mirror” whatever is across from it so make sure it is something nice. Placing a mirror, for instance, across from a window with a beautiful view will double that beautiful view and will brighten the room – almost as though you have another window. And always, choose a mirror that will compliment your room style and a finish or color that will enhance your color scheame.

About Dimond Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall – who’s the fairest of them all? Dimond mirrors are certainly at the top. From sophisticated Modern and Contemporary to elegant Traditional – to charming and demure  – to timeless mirrors that could easily live happily in any style room. has the styles and finishes you want for any room in your house at the prices you can afford.