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Elk trips the light fantastic with imagination and creativity with chandeliers that range from traditional crystal and Tiffany to exquisite marbleized glass, to name a few.  Any Elk chandelier will bring light and distinction to every room in your home. From glamorous to charming,

We feature Elk lighting for every room in your home and for every function. Beautiful chandeliers that make a big statement in any home they grace; stunning pendants, bathroom vanity fixtures, beautiful sconces, and flush mount ceiling fixtures.You’ll find fixtures that range from sophisticated modern and contemporary, and elegant to traditional.

Before You Purchase: Check the overall chandelier dimensions for your space. An easy rule of thumb to determine the diameter needed for a chandelier based on room size. Add the length and width of the room together in feet – Use that total and exchange feet for inches: For example, you have a room that is 12 foot wide +14 foot deep, which equals 26 feet. The approximate chandelier diameter would be 26 inches.