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Coastal Table Lamps

Coastal style design is popular because it reminds people of fun and a relaxing time at the beach. The Coastal style is a popular design style, and it’s not only on the coast, it spans very far inland. 

There are many types of coastal design. Rooms designed in a coastal style will have some similarities, such as calming ocean hues or sun-bleached white sand, and mixing in of natural appearing materials and fabrics, while celebrating maximum amounts of natural light. But there are some differences, as well.

Coastal themes are part mood, part color, and part nature.  Sensational colors – coral, tan, browns, blues, greens, plum – and coastal decor is an ideal way to create a coastal themed color scheme mixed together, making the whole room ”work”.

Coastal style is likely the biggest trend since the contemporary styles hit the design world. It’s calming, it’s sand, sea and it’s exhilarating,  and sky, waves, ocean  and glorious sunsets, it provides a feeling of summer vacations all year around. 

Tropical Island Coastal


From the Hawaiian islands, Polynesia and the Pacific, this style is becoming more popular and is a more prominent style in homes across the country. 

American Coastal

Coastal style is a relaxed comfortable style and is a very popular decorating style across the USA. Coastal style is quickly growing and touches on other sub-styles such as the cottage coastal style, and the contemporary coastal style. 

This tropical, or coastal island style, reflects the beliefs of the native people and the colors that represents. Tropical island coastal style consists of tropical patterns, bright colors, natural elements, natural teak,  and other woods, as well as cultural and nautical decor.

Although, this styles variations  will contain similar basic elements—lots of natural light, soft whites with vibrant ocean hues, soft coastal furnishings, reflective surfaces,  and nautical decor.

Mediterranean Coastal

Mediterranean coastal style is just as popular and has adapted nicely throughout the centuries. When we consider Mediterranean style, the common destination of origin we think of is Greece, but Spain and Italy’s coastal towns has helped launch this Mediterranean style.

Bright colors with natural light, terracotta, heavy woods, black iron or metals, and lots of carved details.

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