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Blue Lamps

Blue Lamps for Living Room, Bedroom, or Office:  Blue is usually a cool color. It typically conveys a sense of tranquility, calmness, stability, harmony, and trust. Today, blue is a popular color – and not limited to Coastal inspired decor themes. Indigo blue has a long history and its use goes back many centuries. offers blue table lamps in Contemporary, Modern, and Traditional Styles in porcelain, ceramic, and wood at a 20-40% Off.  We offer a free Visualization Service and Shipping is Free. See how a particular lamp would look in your home before you purchase!

Blue Table Lamps for Living Room, Bedroom, Dining

Blue LampsToday, blue is everywhere. A decade or so ago, it seemed that blue was used more often for bedrooms or bathrooms. But lately, blue has also become very popular for living rooms. A light blue may appear ethereal and serene or a deep cobalt blue may appear regal and rich.

Colors are categorized as being either warm or cool. Reds, yellows, and oranges are considered warm – and blue, greens, and some purples are considered cool. Interiors may reflect the use of all warm or cool colors – or these colors may be mixed.

As shown in the photo to the left, the light blue table lamps, pillows, and other accents adds a calm and cool element to the eclectic style living room by using various hues of blue.

Contemporary Living Room with Blue Table Lamp

 The photos on the right illustrates a contemporary living room that mixes warm and cool colors.  The blue ceramic table lamp, pillows, and chair are in various cool colors.

contemporary blue lamp

And, the artwork also includes blue. The yellow, orange, and red in the artwork add warm colors. The two main colors are yellow and blue  –  which are complementary (or opposite) colors on the color wheel – and therefore create a more animated ambiance.

In a mixed color scheme, warm and cool colors can create a very vibrant effect as the warm and cool colors seem to magnify the intensity of the complementary colors.  Also, adding a bit of black as a accent can help give the space a sense of depth or drama.

Traditional Bedroom with Pale Blue Lamps

In a monochromatic color scheme, different hues of blue are combined. Typically, one of the blues will be the dominant color. This type of color scheme will usually create a calm and tranquil effect..

blue lamps for living room

The traditional bedroom shown on the left uses a pale blue-green hue as the primary color in combination with neutral tints of white, cream and beige.  The brown wood bedside table adds a sense of richness and depth.

Lamp Materials, Textures, and Finishes

Most lamps of color are made from porcelain or ceramic. However, other materials may include wood or metal. Lamps that have a glossy finish provide a more animated effect whereas lamps with a matte finish provide a more calming effect.

Texture is another way to express your style. A solid and smooth texture may express a more formal or contemporary style whereas a heavily textured surface may express a more rustic style. Aged and distressed finishes also provide a more rustic look.

Affordable and High End Blue Lamps on Sale at Fine Home Lamps

To create a light airy look in your room fill it with neutral hues and then use lamps to add blue accents. Although we are often told to keep our colors neutral to open a small room, soft blues will do the same with a far more interesting look. Blue lamps by Uttermost, Wildwood Lamps, Chelsea House, Frederick Cooper, and Decorative Crafts will fit the bill beautifully.

Blue Lamps on Sale at Fine Home Lamps –  From affordable to high end blue lamps.  If you want to get a good idea how any of our products will look in your home or office, check out about our Free Visualization Service.  Competitive Pricing – Call Us for Best Price.

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