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Brown Lamps


Category_WW_Tablelamps-cIf you fancy the warm elegance or rich ambiance of brown table lamps has many options that will surely satisfy the most fickle design enthusiast. We have many styles and a beautiful collection of brown table lamps. So if you want to narrow down your search for that perfect shade or material – to something more specific like Wood Lamps“, then you’ve come to the right place to shop. And don’t forget that we offer free shipping on every order, so search for those perfect table lamps today and they’ll be shipped free. 


Brown lamps are having a renaissance. They used to be thought of as dated, dark and boring – but dark brown lamps beautifully designed, shaped, and made to impress can add beauty, style and a warm charm to both traditional and modern interior decors.

Try traditional lamps for a look that’s rich and dark, and style that will work well with almost any decor.


Brown is a color that brings to mind reliability and genuineness.  Men are more likely to say brown is one of their favorite colors. A brown table lamp that has a glossy or matte finish can also dramatically affect the ambiance of a room. Gloss finished lamps add a sense of liveliness whereas matte finished lamps add a sense of calmness.  


The color for table lamps will set the tone for the rest of the room. Choosing the best color can make the difference between a lamp standing out or beautifully blending in. If you’d like to have warm, fall colors – orange table lamps or red table lamps would be a great choice. For a more contemporary design choosing white table lamps along with black table lamps fit well.

There are other color choices ranging from gold table lamps combined with sunburst mirrors and green table lamps that blend well with plants or flowers. 

To blend your lamps in, you can match the colors coordinating them with the rest of the room and walls in order to create a beautiful and cohesive feel to the decor. This design method works beautifully with a cottage, or more traditional style  which is less flamboyant. offers brown lamps in Traditional and Contemporary styles in wood, porcelain, rattan, and more…

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