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White Lamp

White Lamps for Living Room, Bedroom, and Office:  “White” conveys many things: reverence, purity, simplicity, cleanliness, and innocence, to mention a few.   White is a neutral tone and it will work well with any color.  Subtract color to calm things down – add color to liven things up.   At you will find a wide selection of white, cream, and off-white lamps in ceramic, porcelain, and wood in many styles at discount prices. Call us for our best price on Wildwood, Frederick Cooper, Decorative Crafts, and Chelsea House lamps.


 Lighten Up with a White Lamp

If you have a room that is dark and drab brighten it up with a white lamp. It can brighten your space before you even turn it on! But when illuminated, these lamps will double your brightness. If your wall color turned out somewhat darker than you would have liked – a large white lamp in the foreground will brighten it immeasurably.

^^^  Above is the lovely “Beaufort Lamp” 13152 by Wildwood Lamps.  This 31.5″ glossy white ceramic table lamp features a raised coral design and a 17″ wide natural woven linen shade.  Works great as a white table lamp for living room or family room. Available at

white-table-lamps.jpgWhite Lamps Work in Any Room

An elegant white lamp with brass trim will bring together your Traditional style room. If you have a lot of smooth or glossy finishes and fabrics add a white table lamp with lots of interesting texture. For a Contemporary style room choose a white table lamp with clean flowing lines. If a solid white lamp is too plain, choose a lamp with a floral or geometric pattern.

The Effects of White Table Lamps on the Senses

White represents wholeness and completion. It is the color of perfection and it has an equal balance all the hues in the spectrum. It’s the color of a blank slate, new beginnings, and, indeed, it is the start of something beautiful in any room you use white lamps.

>>>  To the right is the “Lila Lamp” 23323 by Wildwood Lamps. This white ceramic lamp is 31″ in height and has an antiqued gold accents.  It works great as a bedside lamp, living room table lamp, or buffet lamp.  Also comes in slate gray and teal blue. Available at

White Lamps for Living Room, Bedroom, or Dining Room On Sale at Fine Home Lamps

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White Lamps on Sale at Fine Home Lamps –  If you are interested in seeing how any of our white lamps for living room, bedroom, or dining room will look in your home or office, check out our Free Visualization Service.  Call Us for Best Price.  Featuring affordable and high end white lamps by Uttermost, Wildwood Lamps, Chelsea House, Decorative Crafts, and Frederick Cooper.