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Bronze Lamps


Bronze table lamps offer a warm gold, brown, or black appearance depending on how they are manufactured and finished. 

Bronze is an alloy of metal which is produced by mixing tin, copper and other elements. It’s been used for more than 3,000 years by a variety of civilizations. Our long history with bronze and it’s popularity, makes it a sought after feature in  Rustic and Traditional style for today’s interior design.

The chemical structure of Bronze makes it ideal for manufacturing things like ball bearings because of its impressive strength as well as it’s load bearing capabilities. …

Bronze is stronger than copper due to alloying it with tin, and bronze is also more readily melted, and easier to cast. It’s harder than iron and more resistant to corrosion as well as its natural lubricity and impressive strength. Bronze is commonly used in applications for engine parts, propellers, pumps, and other manufacturing where wear and tear and strength was a concern.. Substituting  iron for bronze in weapons and tools from around 1000 BC was a result of the abundance of iron compared to copper.

As an art form, bronze was extensively used by historic artisans. Bronze has long been famously used in creating artistic sculptures. The Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks, are revered for their artisan bronze sculptures and other works of art. This period has also inspired common current usage of bronze for artistic purposes.

Bronze has been used to make beautiful sculptures and works of art for many centuries. Although iron has since replaced bronze for most industries, bronze is still a very important element of artistic and lighting fixture design. In fact, some of the most common uses of bronze is for artistic purposes. And current  contemporary and modern artists continue to produce many diverse bronze art products in many artistic styles.

Most of the bronze lamps and fixtures today are brass, iron, or another type of metal with a bronze top finish. No matter, bronze-like lighting fixtures are beloved and here to stay.  These lamps are available in Modern, Contemporary, and Traditional styles. Free Shipping, No Tax.