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Transportation & Travel

TRANSPORTATION & TRAVEL WALL ART:  A placid sailboat drifting lazily on ocean currents. A bike (who doesn’t love bicycles)? A vintage airplane. What do these have in common? Transportation. But more importantly movement. Going places. ”Getting somewhere.” At a slow relaxing pace or at a fevered pitch. Moving. The reason people are attracted to transportation wall art is often because it gives them motivation to get moving. Or it can bring back wonderful memories of simpler times. It may reflect a hobby or collection. Whatever the reason, this art theme looks great on walls and sets a mood to your favorite rooms.

Transportation & Travel Wall Art & Canvas Art

Grouping idea: Use transportation art prints in a grouping with your framed vacation photographs. Use transportation art with shadow boxes or framed plane or train tickets and other souvenirs and vacation memorabilia. Sailboat art prints look fabulous with your beach photographs and the ever popular shadow boxes with shells, driftwood and other odds and ends brought back from the ocean.  Take the family history keepsakes out of the closet and frame draft cards and service/war photographs in a grouping with a sepia tone Vintage Propeller canvas.  There’s no end to the original ideas you can come up with once to set your imagination into motion! offers a wide range of transportation and travel wall art prints, oil paintings, and canvas art in many sizes by Paragon & Uttermost.