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Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces for Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom, Hallway –  Wall sconces are a multi-functional lighting fixture for any room. They offer a warm welcoming glow to halls, foyers, dining rooms, fireplaces, bathrooms and any bedroom. These, like most lighting fixtures, provide both light and style. Pair wall sconces with other lighting such as a chandelier or table lamp. offers a wide selection of great wall sconces for all your decorating needs at discount prices every day. We offer special discounts for repeat customers, as well as, multi-product customers, call for a fast custom quote. When in doubt about a particular style or finish try it out with our free visualization service and see your fixture in your room or office before you buy.

wall-sconces-2.jpg Tips for Hanging Wall Sconces

When shopping for wall sconce lighting – keep this in mind.  A good rule of thumb when planning your lighting for a room is multiply the square footage of the room by 1.5 for the total amount of lighting wattage needed to properly light a space for ambient (general) lighting.

When you need sconces for task lighting in a kitchen, bath, or to read or do close work – take that multiplier up to 2.5 for the area that needs the task lighting, not the entire room.  As indicated below, the most appropriate wall sconce height varies depending on the location.

Hanging Wall Sconces with Pictures or Mirrors

A mirror alone is beautiful. A mirror flanked by coordinating wall sconces is stunning! Sconces work their magic by taking advantage of the reflective properties of the mirror which reflects the light produced by the sconces. Flanking wall art with sconces will cast a soft glow on your art doubling the impact of the space. When using sconces with a mirror or art – coordinate your frame and your lighting. Also, choose lighting and frames in the same general style..


Hallway Wall Sconces

Hallways and stairwells can sometimes be dark and dreary places. Wall sconces, along with wall art, can dress up this vital space and make it warm, safe, and inviting. Sconces are versatile enough to work in most stairways as well. If you have chosen art work for the hall or stairway coordinate your wall sconces to the frame. Otherwise you can choose wall sconce lighting to coordinate with an overhead light or a lovely contrast to your wall color.


Bedroom Sconces and Wall Mounted Bedside Lamps

Wall sconces for the bedroom could not be a more perfect choice. Adjustable swing arm wall lamps are perfect for reading in bed. They are space saving and are natural multi-taskers – providing general lighting, task lighting for reading and accenting wall art above the head board of the bed. 

Styles range from Contemporary to Traditional, simple to off-beat – there’s something for everyone.  And don’t forget the children’s rooms, fun and functional wall sconce lighting is a great choice for kids of all ages and stages.




Powder Room & Bathroom Wall Sconces.

When we think of bathroom wall sconces in the bath we automatically envision them over or on either side of the vanity mirror. While this is a perfect place for wall sconce lighting, there are many other uses as well.



Wall Sconce Lighting Styles & Finishes

Wall sconces today are available in stunning colors, finishes, and textures and every style imaginable including flush-mount Wall Washers or Half-Moon styles that cover your wall with light; Wallchieres which are long and very decorative, the traditional Candle Sconces which are elegant par none, Swing Arm Wall Lights which are like floor lamps that take up no floor space.  There are wall sconce lighting styles available in Contemporary, Traditional, and Old World that will be the perfect additions to rooms from the most casual to the most elegant.

Crystal Sconces

Is there anything more glorious than glittering crystals catching the light in an explosion of prisms? We don’t think there is either and our stunning crystal sconces prove it. These are the perfect accent in foyers, living and dining rooms. But they look right to home in a sensational bath or kitchen too. Today crystal sconces are not always Traditional elegant, there are crystal sconces with sophisticated Contemporary styling as well.

Brass & Nickel Sconces

Brass used to be used mainly for Traditional, elegant, and vintage style lighting but today that is no longer the case. Brass has bridged the gap and companies are coming up with very chic Contemporary brass styles. Nickel has really come into its own as a favorite finish in home décor. It’s taken the spotlight here with sensational wall sconces in gleaming Traditional and Contemporary styling with or without crystal to really dial up the shimmer.

Wood Sconces

Wood sconces are the perfect choice when looking for something a bit different, a bit unique, a little rustic or at least more casual than bass or nickel. Some may not have glitz and glamor but they are filled with style and good looks. Wood offers a nice change from metal finishes and while offering a great deal of versatility.

Modern to Traditional Wall Sconces on Sale at Fine Home Lamps

Modern to Traditional wall sconces are available in countless colors, finishes, and textures. Choose from candle style or shaded sconces. Wall sconces are a fashion must have for any style home such as Traditional, Old World,  Colonial,  Modern, or Tropical.  Shop our exceptional lines of fine home wall sconces for the very latest in style and highest quality.

Wall Sconces on Sale at Fine Home Lamps –  If you want to see how any of our hallway, living room, or bathroom wall sconces will look in your home or office, check out our Free Visualization Service.   We offer brands such as Wildwood in brass, nickel and crystal designs, Decorative Crafts for the high-end elegance you crave, Uttermost for the unique and intriguing, and Wildwood, Frederick Cooper, Chelsea House wall sconces with styles that will be right at home in any style room.