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Wildwood Chandeliers

Wildwood Chandeliers – Chandeliers used to be seen primarily in the foyer and sometimes in a very formal dining room, no more! Today chandeliers are common in kitchens, dining areas, greatrooms, as well as, the foyer.  With ceiling height at an all time high and kitchens more formal than ever before – companies like Wildwood are busy meeting the demand with beautiful chandeliers that look stunning wherever you choose to hang them – and whatever the style room.   Orders are shipped in approximately 7-10 days from North Carolina.

Chandeliers by Wildwood

When shopping for a chandelier take into consideration the size of your room and the ceiling height. If you have very high ceilings and a relatively large room most chandeliers will likely work for you. If your ceiling height is 10 feet or lower choose a chandelier that is not too tall. If you have a large room or very high ceilings do not choose a very small chandelier, it will seem to disappear. Always choose a chandelier that is your room and home style. A very formal chandelier will look out of place in a contemporary or casual style room or home.

About Wildwood Chandeliers

wildwood-chandeliers.jpgWildwood chandeliers combine old-fashioned fine craftsmanship with today’s materials and home styles to offer an excellent choice of chandeliers in each style. Whether your passion is Contemporary and want something that is both beautiful but cutting edge ”today” in styling or you are classic and elegant in taste you will find exactly what you need to add a beautiful warm glow in your foyer, living area, bedroom or kitchen.