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Wildwood Wall Mirrors

Wildwood Wall Mirrors – Imagine an ornately carved wall mirror above an antique or traditional style console table or a more contemporary oval with layers of gleaming metal ”petals” above a Contemporary or transitional table or above a sofa flanked with wall sconces. These are but a few exciting possibilities Wildwood has in store for you in their beautiful line of wall mirrors. Call us for the best price. Items generally ship within 7-10 business days from North Carolina and come with your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Wall Mirrors by Wildwood Lamps

Besides choosing a mirror that is the right size for your wall the most important things to consider is the frame. The frame defines the style of the mirror such as Traditional, Contemporary or Modern. No matter how much you love the frame it won’t look right in your home if it is the wrong style.

If you are considering a grouping don’t guess, measure the space where it will go and pay close attention to the size of the individual mirror. Know how you are going to group them before you begin shopping. A trick many designers use is to test a group layout with cutout paper in the size and shape of the individual mirrors before they are ordered.

 About Wildwood Mirrors

wildwood-wall-mirrors.jpgWildwood is a master of beautiful artistic lamps and their mirrors are no different. Their talented artists design and craft the very finest mirrors possible from the very finest materials in a style that will beautify every style home from traditional to modern. Never trendy ”here today and gone tomorrow” Wildwood lamps and mirrors are timeless classics that will never go out of style.