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Wildwood Table Lamps

Wildwood Table Lamps for Living Room, Bedroom, or Office:  Wildwood products reflect a high standard in lighting design and craftsmanship. Each lamp is created by hand and embellished as appropriate to the style with hand-finished mountings, hardware, and fine quality silk or linen shades. You will want to keep these fine quality heirloom lamps and accessories for years to come. We offer a Free Visualization Service (click here) – that allows you to envision how a particular lamp will look in your home or office – before you purchase.  Just email us a photo of the area where you wish to place the lamp. Typically, orders are shipped within 7 days via FedEx from North Carolina and come with your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Wildwood Lamps – Determine Best Table Lamp Height

wildwood-table-lamps.jpgIn most cases, the height of a table lamp should fall somewhere between 58″ – 64″ from the floor to the top of the lampshade. To determine the height of your lamp, measure the height of the table on which it is to set – and subtract that from the overall height. Typically, the appropriate size for an end table lamp will be between 26″ and 36″.

About Wildwood Table Lamps

 Wildwood Lamps offers a vast range of decorative lighting products and fine home accessories. Their collection reflects the talents of the European, Asian, and American artisans and craftsmen.  Like everything in your home, table lamps should reflect the personality and character of the owners.

And they also need to reflect the style of your home and rooms – in general either Traditional or Contemporary, elegant or casual, refined or rustic. They need to take their place in the color scheme of your room and either a main color or an accent color. And they need to be the type of light you need — either general light, task lighting or accent lighting. So when you fall in love with a lamp, make sure it’s going to be a good valuable member of your design plan and a functional member as well.

Wildwood Table LampsBeautiful Asian inspired lamps, hand painted florals, gleaming metals, lamps that mirror our love of nature, exquisite textures, colors and finishes; shape, form, and mood; the highest in artistic expression. This is Wildwood – they are masters at combining the fine craftsmanship and design elements of the past and the materials and styles of the present into timeless classic works of art that will never go out of style.

Wildwood Lighting Early History

In the 1960’s, the owners of a furniture store located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina were also producing a limited number of hand-crafted wooden table lamps. However, later that decade, the company began focusing on the production and distribution of fine quality table lamps – and Wildwood Lamps and Accents was established.

In the 1980’s, Wildwood’s line of products expanded and other types of lamps and decorative home products were added to the collection. These included wall decor, floor screens, mirrors, and accent furniture. In the 1990’s, Wildwood added chandeliers to their collection as well as table lamps Wildwood. In addition, the company began offering a more casual and affordable range of lighting products.

Wildwood Table Lamps Today

Now, Wildwood Lighting has many different lines of lamps and home accessories. They have manufacturing and distribution contracts with many well-known names such as Frederick Cooper, Chelsea House, among others. All these brands are committed to providing high quality products and and compliment other quality products offered by Wildwood Lamps. Some of the popular type lamps include the following:

Today, with over 4,000 products, Wildwood Lamps and Accents offers a tremendous range of home accessories. In addition to floor lamps, table lamps, sconces and chandeliers, they also offer wall art, accent furniture, and all kinds of vases and and table-top accessories.

Featured to the right are the Christopher Lamps by Wildwood.

Our Customers

wildwood-lamps-2.jpgAt, we have had many repeat Wildwood customers They will tell you that they have owned their Wildwood table lamp for years – and that they trust the quality.

We offer a free visualization service where you send us a photo of your room or area of interest – and we superimpose a photo of the item/s of interest onto your photo.

We carry all of the products offered by Wildwood Lamps, Frederick Cooper, Chelsea House. If there is an item that you do not see on our site, please give us a call.