Romance is a year-round thing for some of us, true romantics

For some people it is all about cheesy details, buying chocolate and flowers and that is all folks, see you next year! But for purebred romantics, this romantic spirit is lingering in the air all year round. Everything around you should whisper ‘’romance’’ – not shout ‘’pretentious details here, live love laugh everyone’’.

We can help you create your amazing shrine of love with our romantic decorating ideas. 

And it is not reserved for ladies only. Nope. Romance is about two people creating magic together. That applies also to creating an amazing ambiance where your love will flourish freely.

Also, we decided to use every room as our own canvas.

Romance might be connected to the bedroom in everyone’s head but we will help you recognize the romantic potential of every space you have. Except for the basement, that is more of a horror movie material. 

Attics can be great for stargazing if you thought we will mention that. If you have a skylight – it will be your door, from one micro-universe to a bigger one.

Forget about heart-shaped everything,  teddy bears, and plushies with ‘’I love you’’ signs lurking from the corners and heart-shaped picture frames with your retouched pictures. Let’s get to the headquarters of romance and elegance – and yes, they can exist simultaneously.

Rustic kitchen romance

Rustic kitchen romance

Nothing says ‘’I love you’’ better than cooking a meal for your loved one. Even when it is just a simple sandwich, we love it cause we feel special. Just avoid making hearts with ketchup and everything will be okay. Except if you love it, then go ahead. 

The kitchen is much more important than you think for your custom romantic home decor. You probably never heard of Romeo and Juliette cooking together. That is probably the reason their love ended tragically.

Even more tragic is the fact it is all happening in Italy, they missed a serious chance to have awesome spaghetti or pizza together. But Lady and a tramp? Instant happy ending. 

When it comes to the color palette – think about natural materials. Creamy white color, beige with a slight dose of passionate vibrant red. It can be one wall, for example, fresh red roses just picked out of your garden.  

Wooden furniture will give you a feeling of rustic romance. Also, wine. One glass of wine is great for your heart’s health.

Wooden furniture

So don’t wait for the special occasion – install a wine fridge and always have two glasses on your kitchen counter waiting on your counter. Let it be your little tradition and a daily dose of romance.

Floral details are also important – lavender is always romantic and it smells amazing and calming. Callas or white roses will resemble the purity and love you feel for each other.


We know love is the best ingredient and the spice that tingles your senses. But don’t forget all the spices you will use when going for your cooking adventures. Chilli is always welcome because you will instantly feel a warmth in your cheeks and butterflies in your stomach.

The more exotic spices the better – unleash your creativity together. Prepare that romantic dinner together.

Also, let there be light. The ambiance is the key – you can go for more dim and subtle lights, or you can have a luxury chandelier just above the dining table. It is up to you! 

Also, did we mention candles? Scented candles will kickstart your appetite, they can be strategically placed everywhere to add another dimension to your space. But take care not to get too carried away with romance and hedonism – make sure that you secure your flammable materials with the right fire retardants.


This oasis of peace can also be stylish and romantic. That is the place where your natural beauty is there in all of its glory. 

Romantic Venetian mirrors will match this theme perfectly. It will add a dose of romantic grandeur to your everyday routine. And you will enjoy watching your reflection together.

Romantic Venetian mirrors

Massage is also welcome after a long day at work so keep the essential oils and massage kit in your bathroom and enjoy a massage from your significant other. 

Light is also very welcome here and a big bathtub as well so you can both fit. If now, use a rainfall shower which looks elegant and you can enjoy long showers together. 

Candle lights and your bathrobes are also welcome details so you can feel cozy and warm after a long shower together.

Don’t be afraid to add greenery and natural elements to your bathroom. 


Last but not least – time for romantic bedroom decorating. We know you were desperate to hear about this one. We promise it will be short yet very sweet.


Your master bedroom should be an amazing oasis of peace. Details should be subtle. Ambiental lights are a necessity here because they will create a romantic atmosphere.

 Also, if you want to keep everything intact and stylish, yet to enjoy ambient music – place the speakers across the entire bedroom. Canopy is always a great idea – mixing classic details with modern decor always leads to the best results.

If you want to incorporate the art to your own decor – use abstract art, colors, and shapes. It will give a dose of mystery to your bedroom design. The sweet mystery just the love is like.


Jason is a business consultant with a passion for writing. Doing his research, exploring, and writing are his favorite things to do. Besides that, he loves playing his guitar, cooking, and traveling.

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