Rustic interior design is all about an eclectic collection of items, that appear as if they’ve been thrown together in a random mix, each functional and purposeful. Mismatched chairs sitting around a dining table is a great look.


Aged, antiqued, Old World, or perhaps a “primitive look” typically describes the Rustic style. Top name manufacturers for rustic decor and lighting include Uttermost, Dimond, Wildwood Lamps, Frederick Cooper, among others

tusciano-traditional-floor-lamp-by-uttermostA rustic scheme may be simply choosing finishes and accessories for your home. Go for materials and products that look hand-crafted and fit in with the rustic style; you will very likely see that details like these make all the difference. For instance, rustic metal floor lamps can match exposed wood in a bedroom while distressed faucets in the bathroom should match the towel ring to give your bathroom the desirable rustic look.



Embrace organic aesthetics that infuse comfort and warmth. The following  principles in design will help to create a rustic Oasis.

You want your decor to look as though you’ve been collecting them over time to form a beautiful, inviting space. Create a side table out of an old stack of books or turn an old trunk in to a coffee table making it a central feature of the room. Having your space layout centered around something such as a fireplace, a coffee table or a TV will give it all purpose and bring everything together.


Have you noticed that rustic interior design schemes designate everything with a purpose; most items have a function. Not to say you can’t accessorize, but keep the design functional and practical. Over accessorizing with accessories that do not have function for the room will certainly create a confusing rustic design.



Wood is the primary material used in rustic design. Reclaimed wood is ideal, a choice that will offer a natural and earthy look. Wood plank flooring generally seen, complements wood beams supporting the ceilings. Cherry, pine, and hickory are popular choices to achieve a rustic feel.

Metals are also expected to be seen in these designs. Wrought metals may be incorporated into your space in various ways such as an ornate rustic metal pendant depending on your taste. Pots and pans tend to be seen hanging in the kitchen while cast iron bands are spotted wrapped around staircase posts


Design ideas for a living room many times includes fun pieces like wall art and wall mirrors, as well as rustic design ideas for a living room should also mix in plenty of seating and blankets to keep you cozy. Rustic rooms are designed with everything functional that you need, but leave out the unnecessary clutter. Try not to include items without a functional purpose.




Pontoise-3-Light-Drum-PendantStone or brick is often used to give balance to a rustic interior and completes the rustic design.

Exposing walls are also often seen highlighting nature’s elements, like in the image below, accented by this beautiful rustic light pendant — stone, fire, and wood — will usually unite the rustic beautify of the room.

Stone or brick is often used to give balance to a rustic interior and completes the rustic design.

Exposing walls are also often seen  highlighting nature’s elements accented by this beautiful rustic light pendant — stone, fire, and wood — will unite the rustic beautify of the room.


When referencing a rustic color palette, many people think of beige, brown, and cream. However, a natural rustic color scheme also includes shades of blue,  green, and red. As long as the color scheme ties in with the colors of the other elements leading to an earthy and warm ambiance, there’s no limitations.


To embrace the feel of the distressed rustic design, larger surfaces such as floors, walls, and furnishings are generally left unpainted and raw  

Although, color is often used to compliment and accessorize the natural raw materials of a room. When selecting colors prove to be challenging, white is always the smart solution. From vases to fabrics, you can be sure that white will support the desired look.


Because many surfaces and materials are kept unrefined and simple, patterns can arouse interest. From lighting, floor rugs to pillow cases, patterns should match the surrounding elements.


rustic design with plaid patterns

Rustic design schemes incorporate bold fabrics that inspire a natural aesthetic. Different materials are often used side-by-side, leading to a stylish yet complex  room design. This design scheme ends up with an effortless look, which means the flooring needs little more than a rug or an animal throw giving it a sense of coziness and warmth.


Rustic furniture is sometimes manufactured from reclaimed and recycled  materials that support the sense of re-purposing. Unlike traditional or contemporary decor, a rustic design has no obvious patterns or lines. Things like unrefined tree trunks are used to make bed frames and tables, offers an authentic comfort and feel.


A rustic home design is enhanced with a handmade quilt — or maybe, one that looks handmade. Vibrant patterns and colored quilts do not fail to add the right feel and look. Hanging a quilt on a wall is a great way to add down-home comfort to a design. And a beautiful rustic floor lamp illuminating all the rustic beauty can be the finishing touch that brings it all together.

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