The salt lamp is a wellness product that is made of pink salt crystals that can be found in areas in close proximity to the Himalayas. The pink salt is used for most domestic activities including cooking to salt therapy at spas. The pink salt has been furrowed to make a hole that a light bulb can fit in.

When using the lamps, the pink salt is believed to give out negative ions into the atmosphere which would get rid of harmful particles of dust that can harm your health.

Why is a Salt Lamp Ideal for Having Healthy Breathing Pattern?



Molecules that have gone through a change in charge are called ions. Negative ions refer to ions that have gained an electron while positive ions lose an electron.


People claim they feel clear headed and rejuvenated after a storm. This has been attributed to the high amount of negative ions that are released during a storm into the air. Negative ions get rid of harmful particles in the atmosphere.

Negative ions have also been found to improve the movement of oxygen to the brain. This results in higher alertness, reduced drowsiness and increased mental energy.


The limited hair that is in the windpipe is known as cilia. These work like filters for microscopic particles. Positive ions reduce cilia functions while negative ions improve its functions and have effects that are more beneficial.

Salt lamps when used release negative ions that get rid of foreign and harmful particles in the air, which makes the lungs clean in general.

Also, salt lamps improve air quality by getting rid of pathogens in the air. This is supported by the ancient wellness activity of halotherapy. Halotherapy helps people with respiratory conditions. It is the practice of spending time in salt caves and this improves their respiratory conditions.

Besides the above, salt lamps help improve breathing and help to achieve a healthy breathing pattern through a process called hygroscopy. It is the process whereby the lamp draws and absorbs infected water molecules from the atmosphere and immediate environment and then keeps them locked in the salt crystal.

This process helps to get rid of harmful particles and other contaminants in the air. This is a known benefit of salt lamps as salty air works as a health booster and can help rid air passages of dirt and other harmful contaminants.

How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Help with Asthma and Allergies?

As mentioned above, salt lamps are hygroscopic in that they attract infected water molecules from the air, absorb it and lock it down into the crystals. This process is beneficial for someone with asthma and someone who is prone to allergy as it gets rid of moisture, pollen, dust and smoke amongst other harmful pathogens in the atmosphere.


Also, as air purifiers, salt lamps will improve the conditions of asthma and allergy. The release of negative ions helps to get rid of dust and pathogens in the atmosphere improves the functions of cilia in the lungs. The improved cilia functions keep the trachea free from dust and harmful particles. This boosts overall health and helps to improve pulmonary and respiratory health problems.

As a result of these core functions, the salt lamps get rid of microscopic particles and dust from indoor air. The presence of these would have impacted asthmatic and allergic conditions negatively. Instead, asthmatic and allergic symptoms are reduced and the conditions improved drastically in homes where the Himalayan salt lamp is placed and working.

Does Using Salt Lamps with Plants Make It More Effective for Healthy Breathing?

Plants provide many positive benefits in the home. They purify the air, they help to reduce stress levels, they produce oxygen which in turn provides you with renewed energy and they add moisture to the environment.


Salt lamps and plants share similarity in functions Some of the shared functions are:



  • They both purify the air.
  • They help people sleep better, by improving indoor quality of and air a the whole environment.
  • They help reducing stress levels
  • They are both beneficial to improving general health.
  • They boost energy and help improving mental alertness.

While they may share similar functions, Salt lamps are unique in their own functions. Unique functions of salt lamps include:

  • Salt lamps improve allergic and asthmatic conditions.
  • They are an important part of relaxation and wellness treatments.
  • They not only purify the air but improve breathing and respiratory conditions.

If faced with a decision to choose between having a salt lamp and a plant, a salt lamp would be the best choice. If you can have a salt lamp and a plant in your home, this is good as they can complement each other in keeping your atmosphere clean and improving the quality of hair in the home.

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