Setting a perfect room for gamers

It’s all about the fun and games

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – so it is time to hiJack that one room in your house and turn it into your own gaming paradise.

Let’s face it, everyone loves games – video games, board games, arcade games… Everyone had their own favorites during a growing-up period. You probably remember these times with a huge smile on your face. Today you are probably an adult that enjoys whatever the time of your life is – yet, you probably want to take a sneak peek to your epic childhood or a teenage era.

So, having a shrine devoted to your past self is simply a necessity (or future self if you are more into new technologies and into Cyberpunk 2077).

Revive your days when you broke the record in the arcade, remember how awesome it was playing Super Mario bros or Counter-Strike…or finally, beat your friends at the beer pong. 

playing Super Mario

No matter if you have a small or big room – it is just enough to fit all your childhood dreams. We haven’t had as much space back then but we were happy. So we are getting that essence and making it stay a bit longer. No better way to teach your kids about great values and great games.

Game room with a nostalgic flavor

We all probably dream of having our own arcade in our basement. It probably hasn’t changed even if you are now considered a fully-functional adult. Yet, we know that there is a Scot Pilgrim lurking inside, waiting to get the spotlight. So if you have a basement (or a spare room, attic) it is time for a remodel.

spare room

An ultimate man cave shouldn’t break your bank and turn you into a broke teenager you probably were some time ago.

So what are the essentials for your nostalgic room? Let’s go from scratch – start with the most important part which is probably the tv, couch, and a fridge full of beer or soda. 

Which console was your favorite? You can go full nostalgic with good ol’ Sega or Nintendo or even far away in your past. Why don’t you relive your childhood dream and buy your own arcade? It is not expensive if you opt to buy a used one but you will enjoy it for years to come.

What was your favorite console? You can find everything online today so finding your favorite gaming vice (or Vice City maybe) has never been easier.

A pool table is always a plus – it is not an expensive addition to your game room. Also, a dartboard. Ping pong table maybe? If you are not limited with space, why not everything?

Board games are totally different categories – you can collect all your favorites and put them on the shelf. 

Board games

Then when your friends come over – you can all choose the right game depending on your mood? D’n’d? Cards against humanity? Dixit? Yup, everything is here.

When it comes to decor – everything is permitted in your game room. It is your own territory. Movie posters, comics, action figurines, books – everything with the taste of nostalgia is welcome.

Also, it is probably going to be a bit louder when your friends come over. To make sure that you soundproof your game room properly with acoustic panels for example. You can be childish as much as you like and no one must know it!

But what if the space is limited?

Well, sometimes the less is more. If you want to enjoy your pc game room all by yourself then the smaller space can fit everything. You can find your little corner. Or give your room an awesome remodel.

comfy gaming chair

A comfy chair that can easily adjust to all your sitting positions is an absolute must. Also a desk. If you want to enjoy a perfect gaming corner, make sure to get the high-resolution curved monitor, noise-canceling headphones… and that is enough to get you there.

If you want to create a perfect ambiance for playing the latest games on the market, think about futuristic, think cyberpunk, think about black and purple neon color palette. Lightning plays a crucial role here. Subtle colorful lights placed strategically to the right corners of your room and a pair of speakers. You will feel transferred into the game!

It could be your room, a corner in your living room maybe. You can connect your Playstation with the tv and the whole family can enjoy your gaming corner together.

Show some serious gaming skills to your kids or let them show them to you. Every generation has its own gaming favorites and it is one of the kind bonding with your family or friends.

And the most important thing

The fact is that you are never old to have your own gaming room. Hectic lifestyle, stress at work… it is all happening because people don’t have time or space to enjoy their hobbies. Loving video games or any kind of game is not a sign of immaturity. 

No, it is a sign that your inner child wants out to play. So set the perfect playground in your own home. You will soon see some positive changes yourself and it is up to you to decide – be more nostalgic or futuristic? Both are awesome, trust us!


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