If you have a keen eye on design then you might easily find the right decoration for your home following some of these seven suggestions. Apply only those that match your existing home design and your budget.

Seven affordable luxury renovations


The last year has been the one where we had to spend more time indoors than we were used to. This is because of the ongoing pandemic. It made us value our personal space even more and try to make our homes more enjoyable than ever. Even the work has become remote for thousands of people, so new ideas for home offices have popped up. Whether these are the reasons you would like to renovate your home or you are just bored with the old design and furniture, we present you with seven tips on how to make your home look luxurious without spending too much money. 

Install a new garage door or front door

We all know that first impressions are very important. The first thing you see in the house is the door. You can invest in renovating your garage door and/or your front door. If they are relatively new, you can just paint and polish them, but if they are old, you might consider buying a new one. The style should match your facade and front yard generally. They don’t have to be too lavish, being new is enough to make a change. 

Take care of the materials in your home

Other than walls, the next thing that is very noticeable in your home are the curtains, rug, pillow cushions, or any other fabrics that can have an aesthetic function.  In case these things are not in a good condition, replace them with stylish new ones and it can truly make an effect. Complement the new curtains with an additional window treatment that matches the style and can be both nice and practical.  

Refresh or change the doors and hardware

Doors can also make a statement since they can add a solemn or vintage touch to your home, or if you prefer a different style, you can choose between a variety of materials and opt for a more classical or minimalistic style. People often use brass for doorknobs since this material is very universal and resistant to rust.  Whatever you choose, luxury home builders Gold Coast can provide you with premium materials and experience in renovations. 

Take care of the lighting


Lighting can make an excellent ambiance, whether you want a discrete or bright light. 

The source of light can be multiple. Whether it’s the ceiling light or floor or table lamps, use it to emphasize the different corners of your home and make it look well put together. It’s not recommended to play with the colors too much, since you probably don’t want your home to look like a disco. However, the intensity can be different in different parts of the house. To add a rustic touch, you can embed a stone fireplace into your living room and enjoy the discrete evening light. 

Create an accent wall

There can be one wall that is different from the other and thus, more noticeable. To get the most out of it, it should be in your living room. Different wall ideas include other parts of the house as well. This should be pretty affordable, since you can just paint one wall into some bright or darker color, having the rest of the walls in a minimalistic nude style. The other ideas include having one brick or stone wall for your fireplace wall, playing with different geometric patterns, or making a mural for your bedroom. 

Invest in good bathroom

A bright, clean, and sparkling bathroom can be a game-changer for any home. If your bathroom is small, consider finding another spot for the cabinetry, like up the wall. Wood can be a great material for a bathroom since it can give it a warm touch. The main spot can be a big shower cabin and as ornaments there can be used candles, towels, organizers, etc. The bathroom ideas are various and many of them can be affordable. 

Upgrade your patio


Although your patio is outdoors, you still spend a lot of time there. You can make it look like an extension of your living room by adding a wooden deck with comfortable chairs. Make a stone pathway or mosaic, use your old bench and redesign them. Adorn your patio with flowers and other plants and make it vivid. 

If you have a keen eye on design then you might easily find the right decoration for your home following some of these seven suggestions. Apply only those that match your existing home design and your budget. Many of them are very affordable since we included the possibility of DIY projects and reusing old pieces of furniture. This is more challenging to do in an indoor environment since the materials should be more solid and durable, so in this case, you might consider taking some advice from professional building companies. 

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